5 Tips for Digital Nomads During the COVID Pandemic

Learn about how to navigate the pandemic while maintaining your lifestyle

Authored by Jerry Liu, Growth PM for Nomad

December 17, 2020

Read Time: 5 mins

Digital Nomad Life During Pandemic

If you’re part of the 3.2 million and growing population that considers themselves digital nomads, you are already well aware of the challenges in being location-independent. You may rely on cheap Internet, VoIP, and may not even have a permanent home. Unfortunately, another huge challenge has hit us in 2020 in the form of COVID-19. It has been harder to find safe housing, move freely between countries, and manage day-to-day activities. We’re here to hopefully provide some meaningful tips on navigating through the pandemic, specifically for you.

5 Pro Tips for Digital Nomads to Navigate

  1. Look into countries offering remote work visas. Several countries have began to issue visas specifically for foreign nationals who choose to work in another country. Some example of countries that offer these visas include: Bermuda, Barbados, Estonia and Georgia. Be sure to look into the visa requirements, which may include proof of health insurance, a visa fee, and a proof of income. Alternatively, if you’re looking for local places to visit, be sure to check out our article on that!
  2. Get international health insurance. For some, health insurance might’ve been a low priority, but it is now more important than ever. Especially if you are moving around due to safety concerns or other reasons, having international coverage could save a lot of money and hassle. Check out the Expat Insurance Quote here.
  3. Look into your destination country’s COVID-19 testing and quarantine rules. While some countries may place no restrictions on visitors, others still have mandatory COVID-19 testing and a 14 day quarantine. You may prefer one over the other, depending on what you’re looking for and the environment you want to be in. You can check out the WHO official COVID-19 dashboard or look at this super user friendly map from Kayak on air travel restrictions. 
  4. Take this as an opportunity to develop a new technical skill! Looking at the optimistic side of things, the pandemic has forced us to narrow down our focuses and constrain us to a smaller number of activities. This could be the nudge you needed to put down all the things you were multitasking and pick up that skill you’ve been holding back on learning. edX is one of our favorite websites to learn new areas from some of the best institutions in the world.
  5. Join a digital nomad community. If you haven’t already, these communities are home to some of the most supportive members of society, helping others living the nomadic lifestyle. COVID-19 has left many people isolated physically and mentally, emphasizing the need for strong personal support groups. You can check out nomadlist for one of the largest communities that exist. 
Good opportunity for recharge

Stay Safe, Stay Connected

This summarizes 5 of the most important tips we have regarding being a digital nomad during a global pandemic. This is a really tough time for everyone, and we will need to each do our part in getting through it. As offices become decentralized, we expect to see more and more people join our global community as digital nomads. Stay safe, and we wish you all the best in your endeavors!