5 Utility Apps That Every Digital Nomad Needs

The must-have apps to have a worry-free trip around the world

Authored by Elva Fu, Product Designer for Nomad

June 21, 2021

Read Time: 5 mins

A "digital nomad" is someone who works remotely and is able to travel the globe while pursuing their career.

Let's start with the "digital" portion. When digital nomads make full use of modern technologies, they can increase their productivity, get more accomplished, and accomplish their goals more effectively. The right apps will make your life simpler, assist you in being healthier, organize your 14,000 tasks and ideas, and much more.

Not sure how to travel internationally on a budget and what all you need to prepare for summer travel. Don't worry; here are some of the most effective, versatile, and useful utility apps for digital nomads to use that will make your work simpler and travel memorable

1. Evernote

Evernote is the best tool for digital nomads. It is much more practical than your old pen and paper notebook. You can take notes on your smartphone, and they will automatically sync with the desktop version of the app, allowing you to access them later on your screen. So, for example, if you have an idea for a blog post while on a train to your next destination, you can take notes on your phone and then open it up on your laptop as soon as you arrive at your destination and begin building on those notes.

You can also easily save web pages, addresses, files, images, and other essential information into Evernote, where it will file and organize them for you. You can also scan handwritten notes and save them in Evernote.

Key Features

  • You can also display the text in a screenshot by using a web clipper, which saves required screenshots in your Evernote account.
  • There are 28 typewritten languages and 11 handwritten languages that you may remember. It has an integrated camera that allows you to capture your written ideas and notes easily.
  • Get rid of paper and save all of your important files with this business process management app in your pocket.
  • Premium and business plans have the ability to search for PDF files, office documents, photographs, and so on.

2. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is a web-based, lightweight Dropbox word processing program. It is intended to provide a modern way to communicate, coordinate, and work from anywhere. It keeps track of events and documentation and aids in the evaluation of progress. Paper integrates with virtually every primary cloud provider on the market, including Dropbox, Trello, and Google Drive, among others.

It also builds folders and subfolders and offers models for new notes. Users may also invite a partner to work on a single document or all of the documents in a file.

Key Features

  • Templates for various types of meetings.
  • Analytics are provided for meetings to provide more insight.
  • A malleable interactive workspace for meeting participants to collaborate in.
  • Real-time communication and document sharing
  • Support for integrating rich media such as SlideShare, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, and many more.
  • Coordinates and plans meetings between participants.

3. Revolut

Are you tired of your bank charging you exorbitant exchange rates on foreign transactions? It can quickly add up, particularly when you're a digital nomad and almost every transaction is an international one!

Revolut is a really cool way to manage your money when traveling. You can open a free account that allows you to spend and move money abroad without paying any fees. Then, you can get a contactless MasterCard that attaches to your account in the app and allows you to spend without incurring fees. When you invest or send money overseas, you will receive the true exchange rate, not the banks' discount.

This is the best apps for travel that is tailored for the digital nomad lifestyle, and it takes into account the fact that you most likely do not have a current address.

Key Features

  • Make use of the International Account Free of charge
  • Use Various Currencies With Ease
  • Split Bills And Pay Friends
  • Examine Your Spending Habits
  • Set Spending Limits and Freeze the Card

4. Nomad data plan

It is essential for Digital Nomads to have stable and fast mobile data on the road, for navigation, getting services, and that important client call.  The Nomad app provides the best eSIM plans so that you can always stay connected. If you have an eSIM-compatible, unlocked iPhone, check out Nomad to buy on-demand data plans. No more swapping SIM cards or lining up for a booth at the airport. Shop eSIM data plans in 100+ destinations and get connected instantly.

Key Features

  • Say goodbye to high-priced on-demand data.
  • Never pay an overage fee again.
  • Take control of your spending, see data usage in real time.
  • Get connected in minutes and never worry about losing a SIM card again

5. Google Translate

Are you travel hacks and going anywhere and don't know the language? Download Google Translate instead of attempting to communicate through awkward charades. By simply typing the text into your computer, you can get instant translations from 103 languages. Alternatively, you can point your camera at a foreign sign or menu, and the app will translate it for you.

Even better, you can actually record a conversation and have the software translate it for you. This is extremely useful when communicating with others when traveling; simply say what you want in English, and the app will repeat it in their language.

Key Features

  • The Translate app is like carrying around a personal translator.
  • Cross-language barriers to connect with individuals, places, and communities.
  • Talk with someone who understands a foreign languages

Bottom Line

As a nomad, you'll spend a lot of time staring at a phone. But don't forget to turn away and look around as much as possible.

These best ways to travel on budget tools will assist you in staying organized and spending less time worrying and more time living. If you feel data is an issue, it is always suggested to use Nomad and get your things done in no time!