The 4 Best Deal Finding Sites for Canadians

Are you still overpaying for products and services?

Authored by Jim Li, Growth PM for Nomad

June 8, 2021

Read Time: 5 mins

The significance of saving money is simple and straightforward: you must save for your goals and guarantee better security. There are countless ways of saving money, but only a few methods don’t require you to cut back on your favorite things. One such method is using coupons and discounts to get your favorite items for less than the original price.  

Why pay for things in full when you can have so many desirable deals at your disposal? Contrary to what many people may think, frugality is a virtue. Deal finding sites are some of the best ways to manage your personal finance.

Some deals on these websites can run for days. Meanwhile, others can run their course in a matter of hours. We have compiled a list of the best deal-finding sites to ensure you stay updated and you can get your hands on things at desirable prices. Read on to know more!

How do Deal Websites Work?

Suppose you have only recently started using coupons and discounts to get your favorite items at the lowest price. In that case, you must familiarize yourself with how do these sites exactly work for an optimum experience. From grocery items to apparel, there are tons of deal websites for all kinds of stuff. Generally, these deals tend to get sold out fast. If luck is on your side, you can end up with 50% - 90% off your favorite items. You can even get freebies!

Deal finding sites work best when you are not in a hurry to get any particular item. It is more about what you want than what you need. Gone are when people would have to camp outside stores on special occasions to get stuff for low prices. Now, you can receive updates on great deals from the confines of your home and make use of them before anyone else can.

What Are the Best Deal Finding Sites in Canada?

Checking for enviable discounts on deal sites is the best way to save on monthly expenses. We have gone through the best business places today and prepared a list for you.

1. Red Flag Deals

Owned by the Yellow Pages Group, Red Flags Deals offers users great and exclusive chances to save on monthly expenses. This deal website has 1.2 million registered users. In March 2021, this website recorded a whopping 5.7 million visitors per month. Red Flag Deals is extremely popular with Canadians, and deals on this website get sold out in no time. A well-regarded website, Red Flag Deals is the go-to site for excellent discounts and coupons in electronics, home, and garden, beauty, etc.

2. Smart Canucks

Smart Canucks claims to be the big kahuna, the largest coupon and shopping deals community. They are indeed large, the website has coupons, freebies, contests, reviews etc. Like Red Flag Deals. They are a great resource for coupons. They have over 100,000 members and were launched in 2006.

3. Bargain Moose

BargainMoose was started in 2008 and has been going strong since then. It is a stylish-looking website and boasts all your favorite deals in one place. This website is easy to use and also has some fantastic posts.

Besides getting your hands on brand-new deals, you can also read up on day-to-day hacks. In the world of deals websites, BargainMoose is a breath of fresh air.

4. Dealnews

This deal-finding site is home to daily deals and coupons from many retailers and sellers across Canada. From HDTVs to clothing, there is no shortage of deals on this website. Moreover, Dealnews also has an attractive and easy-to-use interface which makes deal scouring so much more fun. There are hundreds of daily offers at this site, and you can always expect to find something suited to your taste.

To Sum Up

In this day and age, shopping without looking for deals and coupons is a no-brainer. Many think that scouring for good discounts is time-consuming, and the results are usually disappointing. It is because you are looking for deals in all the wrong places.

In 2021, more people are shopping online than ever. To get your hands on good discounts before anyone else, all you need to do is take your pick from the deal-finding websites mentioned above. Be it grocery items or electronic pieces of equipment, and this list has you covered. What are you waiting for then? Get shopping!