The 5 Best Deal Finding Sites in the US

Why pay the retail price when you can save a ton from deals and coupons?

Authored by Elva Fu, Growth Designer for Nomad

May 25, 2021

Read Time: 7 mins

Online shopping has become the norm for most of us. Now, more than ever, people are buying their essential and favorite items from the comforts of their homes. Did you know that you can also find amazing deals on different websites that can help you save money on clothing, food, groceries, electronics, etc.?

If you are someone who pays great attention to personal finance planning, you must constantly be looking for ways to put some money back into your pocket. Gone are the days when people would have to cut back on their favorite things to save for their future. Now, you can both save for your goals and enjoy the finer things in life at the same time through deal-finding sites.

We have compiled a list of the best deal-finding websites in the U.S. to make shopping a cakewalk for you. Read on to know more!

How do Deal Websites Work?

Over the years, deal-finding site has become a popular business model, and more and more people want a piece of the cake. These websites tend to advertise deals and coupons from different businesses. These deals can be for various items ranging from electronic equipment like HDTV and Refrigerator to grocery items such as vegetables and fruits.

If you find a coupon of your liking, you will have to click on a button to transport you to the ad on the website. This ad will contain information in the form of coupon price, size of discount and saving, the duration in which customers have to buy the coupon before the offer runs out.

Generally, these sites work best when you are not in any hurry to get your hands on a particular item. It is more about "what you want" than "what you need."

What Are the Best Deal Finding Sites in the U.S.?

Checking for enviable discounts on deal sites is the best way to save on monthly expenses. We have gone through the best business places today and prepared a list for you.

1. Slickdeals

This deal-finding site has been satisfying the needs of consumers for over a decade now. At Slickdeals, you can get your hands on both nationwide and local deals. You can search for all the values that are available in your local businesses. You can also look for everything available in more prominent, nationwide companies. Over the years, they have adapted to market changes and can cater to all your needs.

The best deals are right there on the homepage so that you don't have to scour for them endlessly. Besides that, you can specifically look for deals, coupons, browse, and forums. Based on your preferences, you can also set up deal alerts. These preferences can be in the form of stores, categories, products, etc.

One of the most excellent features is the price tracker option which allows you to check when the price drops.

2. DealNews

The best thing about DealNews is that it does not require you to sign up for an account. If you see a deal you like, just click on it and it takes you directly to the brand's purchase page, it is that easy. Isn't that what deal sites should look like?

Their offerings are also diverse, including all the categories you can think of. Most stores they feature are also known brands like Walmart, Macy's, Home Depot, Dell, and such.

3. GottaDeal

For more than a decade, GottaDeal has been working towards putting some much-needed money back into customers' pockets. At GottaDeal, users can get coupons and promotion codes on various products, including electronics, home, health, etc. This website posts daily deals on the homepage so that customers can access them and save money without any hassle.

The forum section under GottaDeal sets it apart from other similar deals finding sites. In the forum, you can discuss and share values with other users. You can also set up deal alerts so that you can get alerts via mail the moment deals become available. It ensures that you can access them before they are sold out.

4. RetailMeNot

Unlike many other deal sites, RetailMeNot features a clean homepage and interface, directly listing the numerous site-wide codes and discounts from the everyday shopping at Target and Best Buy to higher end brands like West Elm.

RetailMeNot also offers a Chrome extension Deal Finder that automatically pulls up deals and codes while you shop on other websites to help you save without you doing any work.


Launched in 2010, allows you to save on monthly expenses via coupon codes, product deals, and other great offers. Information on hundreds of deals from thousands of stores and brands is added to the website every day.

Categories include automotive, clothing and accessories, computers, baby and toddlers, electronics, entertainment and arts, food and gifts, home and gardens, health and beauty, etc. At, you can also find tips for saving money. All the offers are handpicked and verified to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. You can also receive email alerts regarding the best deals in the market.

To Sum Up

If you are a person who loves to shop online, you must be already aware of the fact that there are thousands of coupons and offers floating around on different sites. However, specific areas aren't trustworthy and can cause you more harm than good. Also, people can't scour through other places looking for codes that work. Thankfully, our list of deals finding websites works perfectly!

Instead of wasting precious time looking for good deals, all you have to do is check out any of the websites mentioned above and grab the deals available at your disposal.