The Best Prepaid Mobile Hotspots For Traveling In 2021

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Authored by Jim Li, Growth PM at Nomad

August 25, 2021

Read Time: 5mins

Internet connectivity is an integral part of our lives now. Many of us also love to travel as much as we love high-speed internet. When talking about staying connected while traveling, there are many options, but not all are convenient to use and have stable connection. A bad WiFi with a laggy network can be frustrating to use; hence the best option out there is getting a Prepaid Mobile Hotspot for traveling.  

Here in this article, we will tell you all about the best prepaid mobile hotspots for traveling in 2021.

Skyroam Solis X Lite

This orange device is one of the most attractive ones that are available in the market. It is among the best-prepaid mobile hotspot, and one can find this handy device great for daily usage while travelling. It looks so great, and it is portable. You won't get any problem connecting the device with other of your gadgets. There is a huge battery life of 4700mAh available in the machine. It can easily last more than 16 hours which makes it a great mobile hotspot to use. If you are looking for a mobile hotspot for group travel, then this is the best one you can quickly go for. This is the lite version, and the hotspot also comes along with a better version with cameras. It is a great one when we talk of the overall best device out there.

GlocalMe G4 

The best versatile Mobile hotspot out there is the particular GlocalMe G4. Not only do you get a prepaid plan from the company, but you can also get unique features from two different nano sims out there. The device can help you in amazing ways when someone travels abroad with its nano sim options. It looks convenient and moreover an excellent device to use. It comes along with a touchscreen interface that is brilliant to use. Such a touch screen interface can help you to track the usage of data and other such outputs from the device. It is a sleek and slim device with great tech support. According to the sales data, this device is the most selected one by international tourists. 

We.Stream Secure Mobile Hotspot

Compromising with the security when it comes to hotspots is also a thing that needs consideration. Due to the best security interface, the We.Stream Secure Mobile Hotspot is the best prepaid mobile hotspot. If you are a business person and want to get the best service with hotspots, then this is the device you must look for. Not just security, but the particular device has a significant backup of 15 hours. There are two nano sim slots in the device, which provide an added benefit. The device also has a VPN setting that can help you to create a private network that can easily connect you to high-speed internet. Talking of the weight and size, then this device is a little heavier than all the others mentioned. This can be something that you need to look out for if you are not comfortable with carrying a heavy Mobile hotspot. 

Keepgo World Travel Wi-Fi Hotspot

Talk of portability, and this device is the best you can ever have. Keepgo World Travel Wi-Fi Hotspot is very small and can easily fit in your pocket. The device measures 3.4 by 2.3 inches, and it is very light in weight. The average weight is just 3 ounces. Not just is it small, but it is also very powerful. You can easily connect more than 15 devices at once with the hotspot. The only thing that adds up to the demerit list with the device is battery life. Being small, the device doesn't have a long-lasting battery. The device has an attractive look and, moreover, a handy design.


As the name suggests, the company has built this device just for the sake of traveling. On the other hand, you can also get easy access to the prepaid plans easily with the device. It comes in a stylish, brightly colored case. The connectivity provided by the hotspot is limited to 5 devices at once.

Nomad App

Nomad, a eSIM marketplace app, is also a special recommendation on our list. Although it is not a Portable W-Fi device, it can be shared among multiple devices and is easy to connect. You can get access to data plans for 100+ destinations and track your usage. You can also add more data to your plan in one click, making it easier to use than a portable Wi-Fi. If you have a eSIM-compatible device, we highly recommend checking it out, it will save you money and the trouble.


In the article, we listed the best prepaid mobile hotspots available in the market specially designed to make your travel easier and better than ever. Using sim cards can be a little inconvenient, but the prepaid plans provided are very handy and can provide you with high-speed internet at low prices. Do consider checking more specifications before buying any of the items.