Treat your friends with free data and get $2 Off!

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Authored by Jim Li, Growth PM for Nomad

April 30, 2021

Read Time: 2 mins

With eSIM technology, Nomad is changing the way we deliver connectivity. Our mission is to help you save money from your phone bill and make it flexible to obtain data whenever you need it. We now have better pricing in Canada and US for as low as $4.8GB. 

But even better, here's a little something that you can give to your friends and family - free 500MB data from first registration

Give 500 MB Free Data, Get $2 Off

First, make sure you have the latest Nomad app update.

1. Find your referral code

Go to the Referral (Send 500MB free data, get $2 off) section of your profile and get your unique referral code.

2. Share your referral code with friends

Tell your friends about Nomad and share the magic of no-contract, on-demand with them. Share your referral code via Text, Email, or social media in one click.

3.Your friend gets 500MB free data

They get a promo for 500MB free data in US or Canada once they use your referral code.

4. You get $2 off your purchases

Earn $2 promo discount when your friends complete their next purchase after trying the 500MB free data. You will get an email as soon as you make a successful referral. Use your earned promo discounts to buy any new plan or top up your existing one!

That's it! Simple and easy. Refer and share the love now!