How it works

After you have purchased your SMS pack, it’s quite easy to start your SMS journey with Nomad.

Important: You can only send and receive SMS using the Nomad texting app, which is part of our iOS and Android apps, as well as our website. Follow the instructions below.

However, anyone with a valid phone number can send you a text or receive a text from you, even if they are not on the Nomad app. They will receive (or send) the SMS as normal on their native SMS app.

Step 1: Navigate to your Inbox on the Nomad app or website, as per below:

  • Tap “SMS” on the ribbon at the bottom of your screen
  • Tap on the mail icon at the top right to go to your Inbox

nomad sms

Step 2 : Tap the blue button to start composing a message.

Anyone can receive your texts, even if they do not have the Nomad app. However, you (the customer) must always use the Nomad app to send and receive messages.

nomad sms step 2

About Your Phone Number

When you purchase an SMS pack, you are assigned a virtual phone number. This phone number will remain valid until the pack you bought expires.

Once your plan has expired, this number will be recycled automatically, and you will lose the remaining balance of any texts and your message history.

About Add-ons

If you require more texts, please purchase an add-on while your plan is still active. You will be able to use the same phone number.

The add-on will automatically activate once you have used up your initial bundle of texts, or upon expiry of your initial pack, whichever comes first.

The add-on will remain active until all its texts are used up, or until you reach the expiry date of the add-on.

Do note that after the 10-day grace period, your phone number will be automatically recycled, and the remaining balance of your texts will be gone.

Reminder: This service can only be used with a stable data or WIFI connection