Frequently Asked Questions


What is Nomad?


Nomad is an app that helps travelers all over the world stay connected while they are traveling internationally. Nomad offers mobile data plans for 100+ destinations!

Which countries is the app available?


At the moment, the app is available for download in the US, Canada and UK iOS app stores. We are looking to expand our available geographies in the near future. You can find it from our homepage. If you have any feedback on our geographic expansion, please contact us in the app via Help Center or send us a message via the form on our Contact Us tab on the top right.

Is the app available on Android phones?


No, we currently support only eSIM-compatible iOS devices for our app. There are only a few android phone models that are eSIM-compatible. As a result, our first version of our app is only available on iOS devices. We’ll keep you updated when we launch mobile app for android devices. Feel free to sign up for our newsletter on our website for any product announcements.

What is an eSIM?


An eSIM is an electronic chip that is embedded in your device by your device manufacturer. Instead of a physical SIM card slot that only supports just one SIM card at a time, multiple phone plans in the form of an eSIM profile can be downloaded into the chip, and the user can have more flexibility to switch between different profiles via the eSIM. Find out more about the advantages of eSIM in our blog article.

What devices work with Nomad?


Nomad only works with devices that have eSIM embedded. Currently, Nomad only supports iOS devices that are eSIM-compatible, including:

iPhone 12
iPhone 12 Mini
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone SE 2020

How many eSIMs can I have?


Currently, iOS allows you to download up to 10 eSIM profiles on your device, but you may only have 1 eSIM profile activated at one time. You can switch which eSIM profile is active under your iOS Settings > Cellular. Find out more about eSIM in our blog article.

How long can I use an eSIM?


Our eSIM plans typically last for 7 or 30 days. You can add additional data to your existing eSIM before it expires and that would extend its expiry. We recommend that you don’t remove your eSIMs until you no longer need plans in the country, as you can reload more data on an existing eSIM in a few taps within the Nomad app, without having to reinstall the eSIM.

How do I know if my device is unlocked?


The only way to know for certain that your phone is unlocked is to review your current policy with your carrier. Generally, the device is locked when you have received a discount on your device in exchange for a term contract with your carrier. The carriers lock the phone to prevent the device from switching between carriers while the term contract is in effect. 

For US, we’ve provided contact information below to contact the major carriers to check whether your phone is unlocked.  Be sure to provide your carrier with your IMEI. You can get your IMEI in your phone’s Settings → General → About.

Verizon: 1-800-922-0204
AT&T: 1-800-331-0500
T-Mobile: 1-877-453-1304
Sprint: 1-866-275-1411

For Canada, major carriers like Bell and Rogers unlock your phone for all phone purchases made after December 1, 2017. If you have any questions about unlocking your phone, please contact your carrier and provide them with your IMEI to verify. You can get your IMEI in your phone’s Settings → General → About.
Bell: link
Telus: link
Rogers: link

I can’t find a plan for the country I’m visiting, what should I do?


If the country you are looking for doesn’t appear in the search of the Shop page, unfortunately, Nomad doesn’t currently offer data plans for the country. You can find the latest information on our homepage or by downloading our app on mobile. If you would like a certain country to be offered, please let us know your feedback by sending us a message via Profile > Help Center.

I already have a SIM card with a mobile operator in my home country. Will buying an eSIM plan affect my existing plan?


No, buying and adding another eSIM from Nomad to your device will not change any other physical SIM or eSIM already installed on your device. With an eSIM-compatible device, you can have multiple SIM profiles in one device and switch on and off any profile according to your needs. Your Nomad eSIM and the plan will work independently of all your existing physical SIMs or eSIM. That is the biggest advantage of using eSIM technology - you can be flexible about meeting your connectivity needs with multiple eSIM profiles in one device. 

How to contact us?


If you have downloaded our mobile app, the best way you can contact us is by using messaging available under Profile > Help Center and hitting the compose button on the top right corner. 

Alternatively, you can click on the Contact Us tab on the top right of the website and fill out the form with your information. 

Please provide as much detail as possible. We will get back to you within one business day.

Payments, Billing, & Refunds

Is my payment information secure?


Yes. Nomad uses a third party payment processor, Braintree. Braintree is a validated Level 1 PCI DSS compliant service provider with advanced fraud detection tools and holds all cardholder data, using multiple encryption keys. Nomad doesn’t have access to your payment information to avoid any issues with cyberattacks. If you choose to store a payment method, that would be stored and managed by Braintree.

My payment method is not working. What should I do?


When your payment method is not working, the best option is to try with a different payment method or contact your bank. 

For the majority of the time, the processing decline is coming from your bank or credit card provider due to their internal fraud detection system. Our payment processing is based in U.S., so if you’re using foreign payment methods, contact your bank to authorize the transaction.

If you simply try the same payment method more than five times in less than 30 minutes or continue to use the same payment methods that are leading to multiple declines, the payment processor will block you as they perceive this as a fraudulent attack. We’d highly recommend against taking these actions as your payment method could be blacklisted for future purchases.

If you’re having continued problems with multiple payment methods, please contact our support team.  

What currency does the payment charge?


The payment gateway charges our plans in USD and our processor is based in the US. As a result, if you’re planning to pay with payment methods not issued in US, we recommend that you use payment methods that do not charge foreign transaction fees because this may increase the overall cost of using our services. 

What is the refund policy?


If you would like a refund, please contact us in the app via Help Center or send us a message via the form on our Contact Us tab on the top right.

You can find the conditions of the refund policy outlined below. They are also acknowledged during checkout. 

Regular Plans
If you have yet to download and activate the plan, your plan is fully refundable as it is an unused product. However, if you have already activated your plan, the plan will be considered as used and we cannot guarantee a full refund. We may grant partial refunds for activated plans.

If you have used a discount code for the purchase of the plan, the purchase is non-refundable and final sale when used.

If there is any known network or technical failure that results in service problems, we will guarantee a refund for all the unused data.

Add-on Plans
If you have yet to activate your add-on plan, your add-on plan is fully refundable as it is an unused product. However, once the add-on plan becomes activated, it is no longer refundable as the plan is considered used. If you have made any add-on purchase as an error, please contact our customer support immediately via the Help Center located under your profile so we can issue a refund prior to activation

If you have used a discount code for the purchase of the plan, the purchase is non-refundable and final sale.

If there is any known network or technical failure that results in service problems, we will guarantee a refund for all the unused data.

Setting Up Your Plan

I bought an eSIM, how do I install it?


Installation of the eSIM profile is completed in Cellular Settings of the iOS device, outside of the app. To find detailed in-app instructions, head over to your My eSIM page in the Nomad app and click “Installation Instructions” on the eSIM plan you bought. The instructions will guide you through installing your eSIM and choosing your preferences. Installing the plan does not activate it automatically, you can activate your plan when you are ready to use the data. 

You will need internet access to download and install the eSIM profile into your Cellular setting. We recommend that you install (not activate) your eSIM on your phone soon after purchase but wait to activate the plan until you are ready to use the plan. 

We also wrote an article on eSIM installation process here if you’re interested.

When should I activate my eSIM?


You should install (not activate!) your eSIM to your iPhone as soon as possible after purchasing your plan. However, we recommend waiting until you are ready to use the data to activate your plan, to maximize your usage of the data available.

For Global1SIM plans (US and Canada), the eSIM is activated on first use, meaning it will activate automatically when the eSIM profile is turned ON for the first time in your Cellular Settings. This will not require internet connectivity.

For Truphone plans (destinations other than US and Canada), the user will need to activate the plan inside the app after eSIM installation is completed. Head over to your My eSIM section in the Nomad app and click “Activate Data Now” button to activate the plan on your eSIM. This will require internet connectivity. Once the activation is complete, you can return to the Cellular Settings and turn on the eSIM profile to use the data. 

Managing Your Plan

My eSIM is not working, how do I fix it?


There could be three areas that the eSIM is not working:
1) You’re having issues with eSIM installation in the Cellular Settings of your iOS device
2) You’re having issues within the Nomad app
3) You’ve successfully installed and activated the eSIM, but you’re not receiving any connectivity

Trouble with eSIM installation in the Cellular Settings:
If the error message says that ‘Cellular plans from this Carrier cannot be Added’, this message implies that you have a locked phone and you’re not allowed to add other carriers into your eSIM settings. You will not be able to use our services with a locked phone, so please reach out to customer support for a refund. All unused data plans are qualified for a refund. 
If the error message says that ‘Unable to Complete Cellular Change’, this implies that there is no eSIM available to download with the input. Please verify your manual entries and you should use the copy function on our app to ensure that the entries are correct. If the problem persists, please contact customer support to resolve the issue.

Trouble with Nomad App:
If you’re seeing error messages when you clicked ‘Activate Data Now’ button, there might be some technical issues with the eSIM that was provisioned. Please obtain a screenshot of the error message and contact customer support to resolve the issue.

Not receiving connectivity after successful installation and activation:
If you’ve successfully installed and activated the plan, your eSIM status within the My eSIM section of the Nomad app should be ‘In Use’.
It should take less than a minute for the eSIM to find connectivity after the plan has been activated for use. If it’s not receiving connectivity, the following are few things to check on your own before contacting customer support:
1) Make sure you’ve turned on the eSIM profile in your Cellular Settings and made it the default setting for Cellular Data
2) Check to make sure that roaming is turned on. Go to Settings → Cellular. Select your eSIM profile and ensure that “Data Roaming” is switched on.
3) You should turn on airplane mode and turn it off to reset your connectivity settings - this generally propels the phone to look for connectivity associated with the eSIM

If you verified all these points, but your plan is still not working, there may be technical issues with the eSIM or with the vendor, so please contact customer support to resolve it. 

How do I check how much data is left on my eSIM?


You can see your remaining data balance and how long you have before your plan expires on the My eSIM tab in the Nomad app.

What happens when I run out of data on my eSIM?


If you run out of data or your plan expires before your trip is done, you can click "Add More Data" and purchase additional data. The add-on data will be automatically activated once your data from your current expires or depletes.

Will I be charged if I use more data than I paid for?


No, once you reach your data limit, the eSIM will automatically stop the plan from receiving connectivity. By using pre-paid data, there is no risk of using more than you’ve paid for and being charged unexpectedly.

Will I be notified when I’m running out of data?


Currently, we do not have notifications related to the data plans and usage. For Global1SIM data plans in US and Canada, you may receive a text message noting ‘Insufficient Balance’ as the plan is expiring. We will look into implementing this functionality in the near future. If you have any further feedback, please feel free to contact customer support team. 

How do I know my eSIM is active?


If you’ve successfully installed and activated the plan, your eSIM status within the My eSIM section of the Nomad app should be ‘In Use’. For Global1SIM plans (US and Canada), it may take a few minutes for the status to change after you turn on the line, please refresh and see if the status changes.

My eSIM expired, how do I delete it from my phone?


Go to your phone’s Settings → Cellular. Once you click into the eSIM profile, you should see a “Remove Cellular Plan” button at the bottom of the page. Pressing this button will start a eSIM removal process within your Cellular Settings.

You will see that the status of the eSIM will turn to ‘No SIM’ once the eSIM profile has been removed properly. You can click on the eSIM profile once again and click to ‘Update Contacts’ to remove the records entirely from your phone.

If you have further questions about eSIM removal, please see the Apple Support page here.

Do the plans on Nomad support calling and texting?


Currently, Nomad plans are only for mobile data. You can still make calls and texts over wifi or mobile data if you use an app such as Whatsapp or iMessage.

Promo and Referral

How do I check whether there are any promo offers available for me?


You can check whether there are promo offers available to you in the Profile > Promo section of the account. You can also review detailed terms and conditions in this section. General instructions on how to redeem your promo is available here as well.

If you want to earn more promo offers for your order, you can use your referral code to earn more.

I have a promo offer. How do I use it?


We have different types of offers available. If the promo has been automatically added to the account, you can simply select the promo and apply to your order at checkout. If you have a custom code, you can enter the promo code either in the Profile > Promo section and review terms and conditions for the promo before you check out.

How do I refer my friend?


You can share and send your referral code to your friends and family. Your unique referral code is available in the Promo or Referral section of your account under your Profile.

Your friend can use the referral code to redeem 500mb of US or Canada data for free. If your friend purchase any additional plan after their first trial of 500mb of our data service, you will receive a $2 discount offer on any order.

How do I redeem the referral code from my friend?


You can apply the referral code in Promo or Referral section under your Profile after you create an account with us. Then, you can check out 500MB US or Canada data plan with the referral order to have access to free data that your friend has sent.

If you buy another plan after your trial of 500MB of data, your friend will receive a discount offer.

My friend has given me a referral code, but it says it’s not valid. Why is that?


The referral code is valid for five uses. The referral code will return invalid results if it has been used by five other users.

Account Management

How do I reset my password?


You can reset your password in the Profile tab in the Nomad app. Select Account Settings → Password. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password via email from Account Settings page or Sign In page. This method requires you to have access to the email that you used when signing up for Nomad.

How do I delete my account?


By deleting your account, you will lose access to your account history, including receipts and active or expired plans. If you are certain that you would like to delete your account, please send us a message and we will delete it for you.

Can I change my account email address?


Unfortunately, you cannot change your account email address at this time. If you have lost access to the email address associated with the account, please contact customer support and we’ll delete the account. You can create another account with new email after account deletion. 

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