Install eSIM on Android

Please note that installation experience may differ by model or operating system version on Android devices. This installation guide is based on the operating system on Google Pixel 4.

If you have questions about installing eSIM onto your Android device, please search "install eSIM on [Your Device Model]" or reach out to customer support via Help Center and provide screenshots of your settings.

1. Go into Settings

Select "Network & Internet" and click plus sign besides "Mobile Network" or "SIMs" to add your new eSIM

Go into Settings

2. Install eSIM

On the "Connect to mobile network" page, click "Download a SIM instead?"
Then click "Next"

Install eSIM

When confirming your network, click "Use a different network" and scan the QR code provided in your installation instruction email or on the previous page.

Install eSIM

3. Start using data

After successful installation, you will be asked which line you want to use for data. Choose the Nomad line for mobile data. Click into the Nomad eSIM and make sure "Use SIM" is toggled on. And both "Mobile data" and "Roaming" are enabled.

Start using data