In Support of Ukraine

Free 1GB / 30d Poland eSIM to support the refugee crisis


Shern, Growth PM

May 10 · 2 min read

The Conflict in Ukraine

Shortly after the situation in Ukraine first came to global attention in late February, we at Nomad felt it imperative we do our part to support those who have been displaced by war. At the time, with the help of one of our global connectivity partners, we launched a free 1GB eSIM plan for Poland to provide mobile data to anyone who needed it. In this way we hoped to connect loved ones who had been estranged from one another, and to bridge the communication gap for, at the time, 3.1 million refugees - of which 1.9 million were sheltering in neighboring Poland, hence the choice of a Poland eSIM.

The aftermath of a Russian attack in Kyiv, February 2022
The aftermath of a Russian attack in Kyiv, February 2022

To our great sadness this terrible state of affairs has not improved in the months since. As of writing, that refugee number has ballooned to 5.7 million, resulting in what some are calling the worst refugees crisis in Europe since World War II. More than 3.1 million Ukrainian refugees have fled to Poland, which continues to host the largest refugee population outside Ukraine. Although the invading forces have pulled back from the capital city of Kyiv, on April 18, Russia launched a new major offensive in eastern Ukraine following its failed attempt to seize Kyiv. Fighting continues to be fierce and the situation does not appear to be abating.

Helping Refugees and others in need - a free Poland eSIM for all who need it

So we would like to renew our pledge to help the beleaguered people of Ukraine. As the majority of Ukrainian refugees are still sheltering in Poland, we will continue to offer a 100% discount on our Poland 1GB/30d eSIM until further notice.

You can do this by either :

  • Downloading our iOS app on the Apple App Store
  • Visiting our website @ and going to the Poland country page
  • Either way, use the promo code PEACE! when making the purchase (only for the Poland 1GB/30d eSIM) to apply the 100% discount
Nomad webstore for Poland
Nomad webstore for Poland

Other ways you can help

Like many others, our company is also running an internal donation drive to collect funds for those affected by the conflict - including our own colleagues who are based out of our Kyiv office. We believe that individuals should donate through their preferred channels, but in case you would like to contribute or have other proposals to help, feel free to contact us through our partner page - just put “Ukraine humanitarian aid” in the subject.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the embattled people of Ukraine, let us pray together for the peace, safety, and security of the region.