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Say hello to Nomad on Android!

Finally - the new Nomad Android app is released

· 4 min read

Apple launched eSIM-only iPhone 14 devices in the United States on September 2022, setting the precedent for other smartphone manufacturers. We can undoubtedly assume that eSIM will be the next big thing in cellular connectivity for both iPhone and Android users in the future!

Last week our new Android App was released! It has become even easier to travel without being burned by data roaming charges. In a few minutes you can buy the Nomad data plan you want.

In this blog, we’ll highlight the main features of the Nomad Android app so that you can easily find out all its advantages. We hope that our Android users will enjoy their next trip with Nomad! We’ll talk about:

  • Android & eSIM
  • Nomad App’s Features
  • Nomad Loyalty Points
  • Special Offers
  • Final Thoughts

Android & eSIM

eSIMs are a real game-changer for connection all around the world. Since 2017 and Google Pixel 2 the first smartphone with built-in eSIM, Android has entered the eSIM world. Since then, more and more mobile phone manufacturers are producing eSIM-friendly devices.

Before installing (or even buying), just make sure your phone is compatible with eSIM. There are over 60 eSIM-friendly Android devices on the market, and you may be even surprised that your phone has an eSIM!

The most recent and up-to-date list of eSIM-compatible smartphones can be found here. New eSIM-compatible models are released every quarter so check back often!

And what about the future of Android and eSIM? Well, Google has been working on a framework that supports multiple SIM profiles on a single eSIM (MEP eSIM) for several months. This is big - that means that with just 1 eSIM, you can actually have multiple data plans from multiple carriers.

The latest news regarding this is that Google added this feature in AOSP Android 13, and it's now up to device manufacturers to offer it on their own products. It seems that the newly released Pixel 7 does support this feature.

In the mean time, however, Nomad has got your back with something just as good. Most eSIM-compatible phones today support multiple eSIMs anyway. And with Nomad, purchasing multiple data plans for different countries is a breeze.

Source: https://mobilesyrup.com/2022/04/02/android-13-esim-mep-multiple-enabled-profiles-support/
Source: https://mobilesyrup.com/2022/04/02/android-13-esim-mep-multiple-enabled-profiles-support/

Nomad App’s Features

Nomad Android Application is very simple and easy to use. After signing up, you step into the magical world of eSIM. You can buy one of our data plans in our shop right away!

Just choose one of our single plans for over 100 countries, a global plan (including 111 countries) or one of our 3 regional plans. For Payment Method, you can choose between PayPay or Credit or Debit Card. What is important is that after purchasing a data plan, you have 30 days to activate it.

By clicking on the **My eSIM **section, you can see the data plan you purchased, as well as how many GB you have used and how much is left. A simple way for keeping track of your current data plan!

You can also see expired data plans. If by any chance you use all the data, don't worry! You can always add more! There are a lot of Add-on data plan options. For example, you can see Add-on data available options for UK data plan here.

Basically, you will always be able to access how many GB you have left, while on your trip and will always be able to add more data!

And there are two ways to install your eSIM: by scanning the QR code or via manual input. Read all about it on our blog post on how to install an eSIM.

Nomad App - now on Android
Nomad App - now on Android

Nomad Loyalty Points

Two weeks ago we launched the Nomad Loyalty program. Keep earning with every purchase through it! Here's a little more about how our Loyalty Program works:

  • Earn 25 points for every $5 spent
  • Redeem $1 for every 100 points at checkout of any plan subsequently

During the purchase of the plan, you will be immediately shown how many Nomad Points you can earn for that purchase. You can always see the total number of your Available Points in the Profile section. Do remember that our points expire after 6 months.

It's pretty simple - the more you travel, the more you earn! ✈️

Earn more the more you travel with Nomad
Earn more the more you travel with Nomad

Special Offers

We present to you some of our current special offers:

  • Refer a friend, get $3 off - definitely one of our most popular special offers! Just invite a friend to earn $3 off your next purchase. And they'll get $3 off their first purchase - everybody wins! In the Android App Profile section, you can enter a code if you were referred by a friend or you can get your own referral code to share with your friends.
  • Halloween special offer - 15% of your next purchase with promo code nomadcandy22. If you are traveling soon, this Halloween’s offer is just made for you! Enjoy the benefits of Nomad's crazy low-cost data plans during spooky season. This is only valid between 10/27 to 11/01.

To keep up to date with all our special offers, follow us on Instagram and Facebook and check Promos in your Profile section in Android App.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned before, our Android App is simple and easy to use - whether you're traveling for work, going on vacation or a weekend getaway. You will always be able to enjoy the magic of Nomad's eSIM! Here are the main benefits of using Nomad Android App:

  • You can simply buy one of our data plans for over 100 countries.
  • You can always check how much GB you have left and how much you have used.
  • You will never be without internet on your trip! Just add more data when you use up all the GB.
  • You can even earn through our Loyalty program when you travel.
  • There are always special offers and promotions.

We hope our Android users will enjoy their next trip with Nomad.

Say goodbye to expensive roaming fees. Say hello to flexible data plans in your Nomad Android App!