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Question of The Day: Help a fellow Nomad traveler!

Answer simple questions, and help the Nomad community travel better!

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As we approach the holiday seasons, Nomad has launched a series of initiatives to help you travel better! In case you missed it, here are some resources that you might find helpful:

Next up on this series of initiatives to help you travel better, we will be launching the Question of the Day campaign for the month of November!

We hear you that the number of destinations that we include in our current initiatives are too limited. So, we will now be tapping on the wider Nomad community to help you!


How the Question of the Day works

Every day for the rest of November, we will be choosing a 'Question of the Day'. These questions are questions submitted by other Nomad users. If you know the answer to the question, or if you have any experiences to share, simply let us know, and we will have the answers shipped to the person who asked the question! Share your experiences, and stand a chance to win some Nomad points!

Answers will also be updated on this blog, so that we can help all other travelers who might have the same questions.

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Questions of the Day

1. How do I get around Bintan island? Are there ride sharing apps?

Destination: Bintan Island, Indonesia

Answer highlights:

  • Ride sharing apps (Grab, Gojek) that are common in other parts of Indonesia are only available in certain parts of Bintan Island (specifically, Tanjung Pinang city). This also means that you likely won't be able to use food delivery apps, unless your resort / hotel is in the area of delivery.
  • There are taxi services available, and most of the drivers are waiting around the ferry terminal once you alight.
  • The best way to get around is to get your resort/hotel to arrange for transport for you. This usually comes at additional costs.
  • Hire a private driver if you will be moving around a lot. Or check if your resort provides scooter rentals.

2. Can I use Google maps in Shanghai? Or which maps should I use?

Destination: Shanghai, China

Answer highlights:

  • It's not recommended to use Google Maps will only work with a VPN, and even then it’s missing a lot of things like public transit and different establishments.
  • Locals use their own map services like Baidu Maps and Gaode maps, but they are all in Chinese with no English interface.
  • Apple Maps and Maps.ME will work without VPN.

3. How much data do I need per day when traveling in USA? Is free WiFi easily available in NYC?

Destination: NYC, America

Answer highlights:

  • Depends on your usage, but generally 1GB per day should be sufficient if you aren't streaming a lot.
  • Free WiFi is available in most places (libraries, parks, restaurants, subways etc.) in NYC, so you can get by with minimal data.

4. What can I do in Penang other than George Town? Everything online points to just George Town and Penang Hill.

Destination: Penang, Malaysia

Answer highlights:

  • George Town is a huge area. And that is where most of the attractions in Penang are, that's why everything online looks like it's just George Town.
  • But there is a lot to do and eat there though, you can easily spend 2-3 days exploring the area.
  • If you really wanted to get out of George Town, there are beaches at other parts of the island. Or check out Kek Lok Si Temple. Or just do a day-trip from Penang to Ipoh.

5. Is it worth doing a day-trip to Malaysia from Singapore?

Destination: Singapore

Answer highlights:

  • Assuming you are thinking of going to JB via land, if you are crossing the causeway on weekends or public holidays, the queues can get very long. If you head out early enough, you should still have time for half a day (lunch/dinner) in JB.
  • Go on a weekday if you want to. Less crowds everywhere.
  • Depends what you want to do. Things are generally cheaper in JB because of the exchange rate, so it might be worth it if you want to shop or head out to the outlet mall. But if you will only be staying at JB City Square, probably not worth making the trip (especially not on weekends)

6. What kid-friendly activities are there to do in Miami?

Destination: Miami, USA

Answer highlights:

  • Jungle Island
  • Zoological Wildlife Foundation
  • Miami Children's Museum
  • Frost Science Museum

7. Best short trips from Hong Kong? Might have booked too many days there.

Destination: Hong Kong

Answer highlights:

  • Shenzhen or Guangzhou, it's easy to get there via high speed train. Between the two, would recommend going to Guangzhou -- more things to see and do there, although Shenzhen is nearer.
  • Macau, probably can spend two days there

8. Any pro-tips for a first-time visitor to Mexico?

Destination: Mexico

Answer highlights:

  • Don't drink the tap water!
  • The staff will appreciate if you tip in local currency.
  • Toilet doors marked with 'M' are for ladies.
  • Expect delays and be flexible with your itineraries. Don't overstuff your itinerary with activities.

9. Are the New Year's parties at Bali beach clubs worth it? They're really expensive.

Destination: Bali, Indonesia

Answer highlights:

  • The atmosphere is pretty good if you like to party and if you like crowds.
  • It's better than staying at home.
  • It is overpriced, especially for Bali. But it's New Year, when everything and everywhere is overpriced. If you are willing to splurge a little, it is worth the experience.