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Hola, Nomad Travel!

Round-up of Nomad's travel features

· 3 min read

In the past year and a half, we have tried to help make your travels easier by providing flexible, convenient, and affordable connectivity services so that you can freely explore the world while remaining connected to your loved ones at home. As we continue to improve our offerings in the connectivity space, we are also looking at different ways to help make your travel experiences better.

In the past few months, Nomad has rolled out a few features to help you get started on your trip and, well, hopefully make your traveling easier without taking away the fun from planning and freely exploring. This blog will take you through some of these features and resources that are available for you.

Destination Finder

First up, we have the Destination Finder. Have you ever felt like you needed to go on a trip to somewhere - anywhere, really - but not sure where to go? Maybe you scrolled through Instagram or Tiktok to see where people are going, or looked at airlines' flight schedules to see what makes sense, or maybe you just googled 'Where should I go?'. At least, this was what we did when we had that same problem.

So, with a bit of help from Chat-GPT and our own curation, we've put together this little tool to help give you an additional source of inspiration for your next destination.

How It Works

Simply select the month you want to travel, and we will generate some recommendations for you based on the selected month! If you have preferences about the travel region and/or the weather conditions, simply select your preferences and we'll try our best to match the recommendations!

With each destination recommended, we'll also try to provide you with some articles sourced from the Internet, so that you can have a better idea of the recommended destination to help you make a more informed decision of your next trip.

Destination Guides

Currently at 12 destinations (covering over 20 cities) and more than 100 guides to choose from, these guides will give you some insights to the things you can do at each of these locations. If you are new to a destination, we have guides covering some of the typical must-dos; and if you are looking for destination hacks or maybe, just ideas of activities you could try while on your trip, we also have a number of guides that could help you with that.

So if you haven't already checked out those guides, hop over to our Destination Guides now!

Nomad Travel Feature

And last but not least, we have the Nomad Travel Feature that is currently available on our iOS App!

Have you ever been on a trip and you suddenly have extra time due to changes in plans or whatever other reason? Or have you ever had difficulty deciding what to eat while on your trip, because there are simply too many choices? We sure have. So, with this new feature, we want to make your discovery process and decision-making much easier.

How It Works

Select your tags

On the travel landing page, choose what you're looking for — something to do, or something to eat. Simply select up to three keywords that fits well with your current mood or what you're looking for, and we will generate some recommendations for you based on your current location.

Get Recommendations

To not overwhelm you with choices, we will only be recommending you one place at a time. These recommendations are generated based on how other users have responded to them for each selected tag.

If you think that recommended place is something that you *could *consider, you can pin it (or swipe up) while you get the next recommendation(s). If you are sure that recommendation isn't something you want, reject it (or swipe left) to get the next one. Take note that you can only have a maximum of one pinned item at any point in time.

View your recommendation history

Want to see what you have rejected previously or what was previously recommended? Click into the history to see the history of your recommendations — note that you have to be logged in for your history to be logged.

Saving, Reviews, and Activities

Or if you see something that you like and want to save it for future reference, you can save the place and easily access it from your list of bookmarks after that!

If you have been to a place, add your reviews and comments! Share what you have done, and let other Nomad community members know about your experiences. You can also easily refer to your shared experiences and comments from your bookmarks page, so this would double up as a travelog for yourself.

Want to see more of a certain destination being featured in the Destination Guides? Have feedback on the Destination Finder, Destination Guides, or the Travel Feature? Or simply have a wish list for how we could help make your travel experiences easier? Let us know here!