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In-Flight Meal Strategy: Comfort Meets Taste!

Tips for choosing the best in-flight meal

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Whether you're a jet-setting pro or a rookie traveler, there's no denying the importance of a satisfying in-flight meal. But with so many options to choose from, how do you know which one will hit the spot? Fear not, we've got you covered with some tips to help you choose the ultimate inflight meal experience.

Moisture First!

First up, always go for the stew! This option tends to be more moist and packed with flavor, making it the perfect choice for reheating in the galley. With your sense of taste dulled at high altitudes, the stew is your best bet for a tasty and satisfying meal in the sky.

If stew isn't an option, opt for rice over noodles or pasta. Rice retains moisture much better and won't dry out or stick together when reheated. However, some airlines may go overboard with their efforts to keep the food from drying out, so if you're not a fan of overly moist rice, then noodles may be the way to go.

Cuisine Type: Departure station

For a truly authentic experience, try the cuisine of the departure station. Ground caterers prepare these meals, so you can trust that these meals will taste just like the real deal. And definitely much safer than an ‘international’ meal. And if you're flying from the airline's home base, all the more reason to choose the origin country option, as the airlines’ larger kitchen and influence over the ground caterers will likely result in better quality meals.

Chicken or Seafood

When it comes to protein, chicken is always a safe bet. Beef and pork tend to become dry and lose their flavor after reheating, while chicken remains juicy and tender. If you're not a meat eater, or if the chicken isn’t an option, fish is a great alternative as fatty fish is usually used for moisture retention. If you are worried about the freshness of the seafood, you can be assured that the culinary methods chosen will be able to withstand long hours and reheating — the last thing airlines want is to have a case of mass food poisoning on board.

Get what you want: Pre-order

If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, take advantage of the pre-order meal option. This ensures you'll get the meal you want and need, and special meals are often served before the rest, so you can chow down before everyone else. For most airlines, pre-orders can be done online at your comfort. Timelines for putting in your selections vary across airlines, so do check the terms for your flight and remember to put in your orders early!

AnadoluJet is one of the many airlines that offer pre-order options to its passengers. https://www.anadolujet.com/en
AnadoluJet is one of the many airlines that offer pre-order options to its passengers. https://www.anadolujet.com/en