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Nomad's Travel Picks: October 2022

Check out these amazing events for October ‘22!

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Looking for your next travel destination in October? You are in the right place! This month we have prepared for you some of the most fun and amazing events in the world in October. We hope you enjoy your next trip!

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For October, we’re covering these 5 countries:

1. USA

There's a lot going on in the US this fall! Bring your entire family to enjoy the sunshine and seafood in Santa Barbara or experience the atmosphere during Halloween in the NYC this year.

Source: https://santabarbaraca.com/businesses/santa-barbara-harbor/
Source: https://santabarbaraca.com/businesses/santa-barbara-harbor/

Santa Barbara Harbor And Seafood Festival 2022** **(October 15)

Location: Santa Barbara, California

Come enjoy the abundance of the Santa Barbara Channel, rich in sustainably harvested, high-quality seafood. Meet fishermen face-to-face. Select fresh-caught lobster and sea urchin “uni” and have them prepared on the spot. Visit specialty food booths for fish tacos, oysters, mussels, barbequed albacore, fresh crab, clam chowder and seafood paella. Presented by the City of Santa Barbara in partnership with the Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara Harbor Merchants

Nomad Tip: Free for everyone. Bring the entire family! There will be all kinds of fun filled activities for all ages. Please check out here for more information.

III POINTS 2022 (October 21-22)

Location: Miami, Florida

Get ready for two days of fun in the heart of sunny Miami!

The III Points Festival combines music, art, and technology in the centre of Miami's art district. Since its beginning in 2013, the festival has been pushing the frontiers of how audiences perceive art and music.

The two-day event has over 90 acts split across six stages, as well as immersive art installations, numerous food vendors, and cutting-edge stage designs.

Nomad Tip: Check out the full line up at: https://www.iiipoints.com/lineup/.

New York City’s Village Halloween Parade (October 31)

Location: NYC

It's time for October and Halloween! The official theme of the 2002 *NYC Village Halloween Parade is *_“Freedom” _with performances from the Brooklyn United Marching Band along with surprise guests.

On Halloween, New Yorkers from all walks of life will take part in this unique and fantastic parade through the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City. Costumed revelers will be joined by huge puppets and musical bands as they parade up Sixth Avenue from Canal Street to West 15th Street. The family-friendly event is a traditional New York City celebration, with eerie, spectacular fun filling the streets.

Every year, over 50,000 zombies, ghouls, witches, monsters, robots, Jedis, enormous puppets, and other things that go bump in the night parade through the streets.

So, get your costume ready, because the Village is going to be spooky!

Nomad Tip: Before heading there, we recommend you to get full guide to Halloween in NYC.

2. France

We believe that you will agree with us that France is always one of the interesting travel destinations. But now is the right time for your French trip if you are a fan of cars, art and Disneyland!

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Source: https://www.hellodisneyland.com/
Source: https://www.hellodisneyland.com/

The Paris Motor Show (October 17-23)

Location: Porte de Versailles

Calling all car lovers: Following a Covid-imposed pause, the Paris Motor Show returns this year for the first time since 2018!

The Paris Motor Show, an international event dedicated to the world of automobiles, is held every two years at the Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles. It’s also celebrating its 120th anniversary this year! Pretty long tradition, right?

The Motor Fair is the largest trade show in France, attracting enthusiasts from all over the world. The program includes a showcase for around 200 car companies, the latest prototypes from major vehicle brands, special activities related to the automobile industry, and much more.

But who are the brands we can expect new models from this year? Dacia, Renault, Alpine, Mercedes and many others.

Nomad Tip: You can read more about all new models here.

Disneyland Paris - Halloween Festival (Oct 1-Nov 6)

Location: Disneyland Paris

This October, Paris is the place to go if you want to get goosebumps!

Disneyland Park will be home to several Disney Villains (including Maleficent, Captain Hook, the Queen of Hearts, Cruella de Vil, and others) to create some eerie moments, who are already preparing to shine during this season that will put them in the spotlight! Trick or treat?  Disney Villains always have multiple pranks planned for Guests who dare to visit them!

Guests will be greeted with traditional Halloween décor as soon as they enter. The Park is decorated with up to 3 meters tall smiling pumpkins, light garlands, lanterns, friendly spooks, and joyous skeletons.

Finally, on October 29th and 31st, classic Disney Halloween Parties will cast a spell over Disneyland Park. Two parties will be organised to give guests more opportunity to enjoy a variety of attractions open until 2 a.m., such as Phantom Manor, Big Thunder Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as an exclusive parade and entertainment elements created by Disney Villains... These parties will certainly be spooky and exciting!

Nomad Tip: Our advice is to always book your Disneyland tickets in advance. You can do it here.

Asia NOW Paris Art Fair (October 20-23)

Location: Paris

We believe that you, like us, are always in the mood for art! What better place for that than Paris - the city of love & art?

The Asia Now Paris art fair, which focuses on displaying contemporary Asian art, has announced the participation of more than 70 galleries in its upcoming edition.

The fair will relocate to the Monnaie de Paris, an 18th-century castle that originally housed the renowned Paris Mint, for its seventh edition. The location is located on the Left Bank, just across the Seine from the Louvre and François Pinault's Bourse de Commerce. The confirmed 75 exhibitors are a major increase over prior editions, which included 59 galleries in 2019, 32 in 2020, and 37 in 2021.

The list of participating galleries includes leading galleries from Europe and the United States, such as Almine Rech, Perrotin, Galerie Frank Elbaz, and Richard Saltoun Gallery, as well as those from Asia, such as 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Bank, P21, Ora-Ora, Yavuz Gallery and Over the Influence.

Nomad Tip: Check out the full 2022 exhibitors list.

3. Mexico

Who doesn't love fall with mariachi, tequila and Mexican cowboys? Also great events for anyone who loves Cervantes as well as movies.

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Source: https://blogs.unitec.mx/
Source: https://blogs.unitec.mx/

Festival Internacional Cervantino (October 13-30)

Location: Guanajuato

Did you know that The Cervantino International Event is the most important cultural and artistic festival in the Spanish-speaking world, and it is ranked as one of the top four festivals in the world?

The event dates back to the mid-twentieth century, when short plays called extremes (singular entremés) by Miguel de Cervantes were played in the city's plazas. Guanajuato is a small city from the colonial era with a rich cultural past.

Since then, FIC has grown to become the most important international artistic and cultural event in Mexico and Latin America, as well as one of the world's four largest events of its kind. It is a member of the European Festivals Association as well as the Asian Association of Theater Festivals. In addition to government sponsorship, private sponsors include Telmex, Televisa, and Microsoft.

The festival is intended to attract young people of all ages, from children to university students, as well as artists from around the world to present traditional aspects of each country's culture. Acts include opera, music, dance, theatre, street spectaculars, visual arts, film, and literature, as well as a variety of academic events. There’s something for everyone!

Morelia International Film Festival (October 13-30)

Location: Morelia, Michoacán

Another great event in Mexico this month for film lovers!

The Morelia International Film Festival (FICM) is a one-of-a-kind meeting place in Mexico for the cinematographic community, Michoacán residents, and international filmmakers. The objective of FICM is to develop new talents in Mexican cinema, expand the availability of excellent cinema, and contribute to cultural and tourist activities in Michoacán!

FICM has four official sections in competition, all of which involve exclusively Mexican films:

The festival also organises a Michoacán Short Film Screenplay Contest that is open to scriptwriters born or residing in the state.

One interesting fact: Since 2014, the FICM has included an Online Mexican Short Film Selection, which comprises some of the short films from the Official Selection. During the festival week, these films are offered for free online to the entire world, and they compete for the Online Mexican Short Film Award, which is decided by the audience.

2022 Fiestas de Octubre (October 1-31)

Location: Guadalajara

Cowboy homes, the birthplace of tequila, and mariachi music are all on display during the month-long celebration!

The Fiestas de Octubre bring together the best experience, culture, education, and culinary uniqueness of Guadalajara, Mexico's western city. As mentioned above, cowboys, mariachi music, and tequila are all included during this festival.

In terms of long-standing traditions, you may see the modern side of the ancient cowboy city in October during the Fiestas de Octubre events. This event provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind experience that is well worth seeing.

According to tradition, the concerts and artists who will perform will be in the traditional Benito Juárez Hall, located in municipality of Zapopan. The enclosure has a capacity of 13,000 people, so you won't be without your seat!

Nomad Tip: Remember that the entrance to The October Festivities includes the billboard of artists -per day- of the concerts in Benito Juarez Hall. Ticket prices for concerts start at 900 pesos (about $45).

4. India

If you travel to India this October, you will be definitely enjoying this holiday and festive atmosphere, scenes with lots of lit candles and lights, bustling markets and festivals! It really is a magical place, especially this month.

Source: https://www.travelogyindia.com/
Source: https://www.travelogyindia.com/

India Art Festival (October 13-16)

Location: New Delhi

Another amazing event for all lovers of contemporary art and a unique opportunity to enjoy the richness of Indian culture!

The India Art Festival, a contemporary art exhibition created in 2011, is a new revolution for dialogue and partnerships. India Art Festival (IAF), in collaboration with mid-level and large art galleries, offers emerging and independent artists the opportunity to be found and recognised alongside known artists.

IAF also hosts curated 'Conversations,' a two-day educational seminar featuring a series of panel discussions featuring expert perspectives on topics ranging from contemporary art and the economics, art collecting, exhibitions, to art galleries and infrastructure. Here you can learn a lot from many artists, gallerists, museum directors, critics, historians, institution builders, cultural organisers, editors, and publishers.

Nomad Tip: You can find out all about it here. During registration make sure you double check the date and address.

Diwali - Festival of Lights (October 24)

Location: India (and worldwide)

Experience one of the country's most important holidays to learn more about Indian culture! Diwali is a Hindu festival that represents the true essence of life, where good triumphs over evil. It is steeped in deep human values, strong mythical beliefs, and legends.

Here’s an interesting story behind it: Diwali has been the centre of numerous legendary legends since it represents everything that is 'good.' On that day, Lord Rama returned to Ayodha with Sita and Lakshman after defeating Ravana, the ten-headed demon ruler of Lanka. On this occasion, the inhabitants of the region lit earthen lanterns and sent off fireworks to welcome their King and Queen back to the throne.

This day is also observed as the heavenly union of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu and is observed in Bengal to honor the most powerful Goddess of'shakti,' Devi Kali.

Diwali is extremely important in Jain tradition since Mahavira obtained his final 'nirvana' on this day.

If you want to come to India for Diwali, we recommend staying for at least 7-10 days. This manner, you can enjoy the holiday while still giving yourself sufficient time to go across the country and see other parts of India.

It’s ideal to spend at least three days of Diwali in one location so that you can fully engage yourself in the festivities by exploring with a local guide or spending time with an Indian family.

Nomad Tip: Here you can find more about this holiday.

5. Spain

Many say that Spain is always a great choice. With these amazing events, we are more than sure that you will enjoy your October trip to Spain!

Source: https://www.vilaweb.ca.
Source: https://www.vilaweb.ca.

Pilar Fiestas (October 8-16)

Location: Zaragoza

If there is a time of year when Zaragoza attracts global attention, it's during the Fiestas del Pilar!

Zaragoza comes alive with festivals and entertainment for eight days in October. The capital of Aragon becomes a city of joy, innovation, and colour, and, most all, it demonstrates its well-earned status as a city that always welcomes visitors. The Fiestas del Pilar is the year's final great fiestas, chosen by famous performers to finish out their tours.

The residents of Zaragoza spend a lot of time on the streets and take part in all of the activities that take place there. Throughout the year, neighbours can stroll around and experience a transformed city.

What matters is that 90% of the acts on the festive schedule are free of charge, and their locations are on the streets. The squares of the Historical Quarter are transformed into iconic stages for a grand street theatre festival, a circus, dancing and humour, percussion, clowns and miming, folklore groups from Aragon and other Autonomous Communities, and grand concerts with nationally and internationally renowned artists.

Nomad Tip: The Flower Offering on October 12 is, however, the major event of the Fiestas del Pilar, which people from the city and beyond attend in massive numbers. On that day, the Patroness of the Hispanic World appears in the street, particularly at Plaza del Pilar, to be lifted to a large metallic pyramid. The citizens, dressed in regional costume, then lay six to eight million flowers at her feet. Really unique event to attend!

Voll-Damm Barcelona International Jazz Festival 2022 (Starting from October 18)

Location: Barcelona

In October, Barcelona is certainly a gathering place for jazz fans from all over the world!

Barcelona has hosted an international jazz festival for the past 53 years. The festival is held in various locations throughout town, and what is important for you to know is that you'll need to get individual tickets for each event; there is no single ticket that covers the entire event. Other years' lineups included Wayne Shorter, Jimmy Cobb, Marcus Miller, and Kings of Convenience.

Depending on your budget, you should be able to find something to satisfy your craving for live jazz music - venues range from the stately Palau de la Musica to small smoky clubs like Jamboree and Harlem Jazz Club.

Nomad Tip: You can buy your tickets at this website.

Mercat de Mercats 2022 (October 21-24)

Location: Barcelona

This year marks a new version of the Gastronomy Festival par excellence. A significant food and gastronomy festival held on Plaça de les Glries is a one-of-a-kind event for enjoying discussions, presentations, cooking shows, and tastings by gastronomy professionals and journalists. These are three days to discover and sample local tapas and cuisine cooked by chefs from some of Catalonia's greatest restaurants.

There are approximately 30 market stalls, 50 local producers, 12 market and city bars and restaurants, and 16 wine cellars participating.

Get cooking lessons from great Catalan chefs and relax in a wine and cava area with wine tasting sessions, workshops, and discussions about Catalonia's wines, cavas, oils, and cheeses!

There are also numerous more activities and amusements for the entire family. Access to Market is free.

Nomad Tip: We recommend you not to miss the tapas and Catalan wine tastings if you plan to visit this festival! Here you can read reviews from satisfied tourists.