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4 Shows to watch in Seoul now aside from NANTA

Ladies, you might be interested in #3.

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South Korea is renowned for its entertainment scene; and it is not just about K-pop and K-dramas. There is also a theatrical scene and experience that has been captivating audiences for years. And when we discuss theatrical performances and shows in South Korea, perhaps the world-renowned NANTA is the first that comes to mind; but it definitely isn't the only theatrical show available. Let's take a look at some of the other shows in Seoul that promises to be entertaining and will leave a lasting impression.


painters-dust drawing-kyunghyang arthill-seoul-korea-9215-2.webp
Source: The Painters

If you're a fan of art and innovation, THE PAINTERS is a show you won't want to miss. This unique performance combines art with stylish dance, music, and multimedia effects to create a visually stunning spectacle. Talented artists use various painting techniques to recreate and express some world-famous paintings through splendid choreography and live drawings.

THE PAINTERS is currently having an open run at Kyungyang Art Hill in Seoul with 2 shows everyday, at 5pm and 8pm. Another open run has recently started at the NH Art Hall in Seoul, also with 2 daily shows at 5pm and 8pm.

Source: The Painters

You can purchase your tickets online from Klook.

2. CHEF: next-gen BIBAP

Source: Musical CHEF

You might have heard of the BIBAP show before — it is an energetic that combines the art of beatboxing, breakdancing, singing, with lots of food! In a way, its concept is rather similar to the NANTA show.

In CHEF, the latest update to BIBAP, watch as two chefs embark on a cooking competition, whipping out dishes including sushi, pizza, chicken noodles, and bibimbap. The show is non-verbal, so you don't have to worry about language barriers; and audience participation is highly encouraged throughout the show, making it very enjoyable for audiences of all ages.

CHEF is currently on an open run at Myeongbo Art Hall. Note that shows are not on everyday, so be sure to check the schedules before heading down. Tickets are available on Klook.

3. THE MAN Alive:

Now, this is a musical exclusively for ladies above 19 — this should give you an idea of what the show might be about. (And yes, there are ID checks in place and admission requirements are strictly adhered to).

Source: Klook

This is a musical that features 6 hot Korean oppas, and promises to get your heart beating with excitement. (It is a safe space, and you won't be judged - don't worry!) The atmosphere is lively and playful, and there are plenty of audience interactions throughout the show. And even if you don't understand the language, you are still going to be able to enjoy yourself.

Source: theman.alive_choice Instagram

The show is scheduled to run till end of July at the Seoul Forest Galleria. Tickets are available on Interpark or on Klook.

4. K-Kick Taekwondo Show

If you are looking for more action, then K-Kick Taekwondo Show might be what you are looking for! A fusion of Korea's national sport, Taekwondo, with modern entertainment, the K-Kick Taekwondo Show brings about an electrifying showcase of martial arts, tradition, and entertainment.

Source: Myeongbo Art Hall

K-Kick Taekwondo will be run from 10 May at Myeongbo Art Hall, with 3 shows a day at 2pm, 5pm, and 7.30pm. Tickets are available in advance on Klook.