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Enjoy Spectacular Displays of Fireworks at Atami

What you need to know about the Atami Fireworks Festival

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Are you looking for a dazzling and unforgettable experience in Japan? Then be sure to add the Atami Fireworks Festival to your itinerary! Unique to Atami, the fireworks display lights up the skies of Atami Bay more than 10 times annually throughout the entire year. The surrounding mountains provide a beautiful backdrop to the spectacular displays of fireworks, and is sure to leave spectators in awe.

Source: Atami News
Source: Atami News

Where is Atami?

Atami is a charming coastal city nestled on the eastern shores of the Izu Peninsula in Japan. Situated just a short distance from Tokyo, it is a very popular destination for locals seeking an escape from the bustling city life. This idyllic seaside retreat is renowned for its picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean, lush green mountains, and a rich history dating back to the Edo period.

Atami boasts an array of key attractions, including its iconic Atami Castle, the stunning Atami Sun Beach, and the famous Atami Plum Garden, which blooms with vibrant colors during the spring. There is also the MOA Museum of Art, which showcases a range of traditional and contemporary Japanese art, including paintings, ceramics, and sculptures.

Planning Your Visit to the Atami Fireworks Festival

Ready to experience the magic of the Atami Fireworks Festival firsthand? Here are some tips to help you plan your trip to Atami.

When is the Atami Fireworks Festival?

The Atami Fireworks Festival is held multiple times throughout the year. The dates of the fireworks display will be announced each year, and additional shows may be announced in the middle of the year.

In 2023, the dates of the fireworks display are:

  • April: 15th April
  • May: 13th May, 21st May
  • June: 4th June
  • July: 28th July
  • August: 5th August, 8th August, 18th August, 22nd August, 25th August
  • September: 18th September, 30th September
  • October: 14th October
  • November: 19th November
  • December: 3rd December, 23rd December

There fireworks display will start at 8.20pm on the scheduled date, and there will only be one display on each day.

Transportation Tips

As crowds are expected during the days of the fireworks display, it is not recommended to drive to the venue. Instead, you can easily get to Atami by taking the train to JR Atami Station. The fireworks display can be viewed anywhere on the coastline from Sun Beach to Atami Port. From the JR Atami station, it is about a 15 minutes walk to Sun Beach and about 20 minutes to the Atami Water Park.


There is a direct connection from Tokyo to Atami on the JR Tokaido Shinkansen or any local trains on the Tokaido line. Alternatively, you can take one of the Ito train lines to get to Atami. However, take note that the JR East pass cannot be used on the Tokaido Shinkansen.

However, take note that there will be a limited express 'Atami Kaijo Fireworks Festival' JR East train that will run on 28th July, 18th August, and 25th August. The limited express train will depart from Tokyo at 4.39pm, and will stop along Shinagawa, Kawasaki, Yokohama, Ofuna, Odawara, Yugawara, before arriving at Atami. The journey will take approximately 1 hour 44minutes.

Accommodation Options

It is possible to visit Atami as a day-trip from Tokyo, and you can easily make your way back to Tokyo (or any other major city) after the fireworks display. But the train stations are expected to be packed after the event with everyone waiting to board the train.

If you would like to consider staying a night at Atami instead, there are many options for accommodations available, including hotels, inns, and private guesthouses. For those who prefer a more traditional experience, there are many ryokans, or traditional Japanese inns, located in Atami. These inns offer a unique experience, with traditional Japanese-style rooms, hot springs, and delicious Japanese cuisine. In fact, a stay at some of these ryokans would also entitle you to an exclusive viewing area of the fireworks! You can refer to a list of eligible ryokans here.

Special Summer Events

While the fireworks display takes place all year round, it is especially popular in the summer months of July and August. Aside from the limited express trains that runs on selected days during the summer months, the summer months also brings about more festivities.

On the days of fireworks display in July and August, there will also be stage events held near the Atami Bay, around the Shinsui Park Event Square. There will be performances that you can enjoy, and food stalls will also be set up for you to grab some food and try out local snacks while you enjoy the fireworks by the beach. The stalls will be opened from 3pm.

Tips for Enjoying the Festival

Now that you know what to expect let's explore some tips to make the most of your experience at the Atami Fireworks Festival.

Source: Atami News
Source: Atami News

Finding the Perfect Viewing Spot

The Atami Fireworks Festival is a spectacular event that attracts thousands of visitors every year. To get the best viewing experience, it's important to find the perfect spot. The prime viewing spot for the fireworks is along the Atami Sun beach. However, this area gets crowded very quickly, so it's best to arrive early to secure your spot. You can also get a good view of the displays anywhere along the Atami Coast, and another popular viewing location is at the Atami Water Park.

Take note that reservations are not allowed, and if you leave a picnic sheet (or anything similar) left unattended, it will be promptly removed by the organisers.

What to Wear and Bring

The fireworks display is a rain-or-shine event. It's best to dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather. It's ideal to bring some light rain gear, such as a poncho or umbrella, in case of a drizzle. Do also bring along a picnic mat or sheet so that you can lounge on the beach as you watch the fireworks display.

Other Fireworks Display

In addition to the main fireworks event by the Atami Bay, the summer season also brings about additional fireworks display in Atami. The fireworks are different for each location, so you can check them out as well: