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What you need to know about the Bali Kecak Fire and Dance Show

Your essential questions answered

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In most destinations worldwide, there will always be one or two cultural shows that you would almost definitely want to include on your list of things to do; even if these shows have become more of a tourist attraction rather than a cultural show. That’s not any different for Bali - where you would almost definitely want to experience a Kecak Fire Dance Show.

Source: Bali4ride.com

What is the Kecak Fire Dance Show?

The Kecak Fire Dance, also known as the Bali fire dance or Ramayana monkey chat, is a traditional Balinese dance and musical drama that is renowned for its unique performance style.

The story of the show is based on the Sanskrit epic, the Ramayana; and while the Kecak rituals have been around for a long time, the dramatisation of the rituals was developed by a German artist and Balinese dancer in the 1930s.

Source: Clubmed

The performance does not use any musical instruments, and the sounds and rhythms come solely from the use of human voices through rhythmic chanting.

Today, the Kecak Fire Dance Show is more performed for tourists than an actual cultural ritual. But it still remains a spectacular and unique Balinese experience that you would probably not want to miss.

Where and when to watch the Kecak Fire Dance Show?

The Kecak Fire Dance Show takes place at sunset at various temples across Bali - so most visitors would combine the Kecak Fire Dance Show with their visit to one of these temples.

There are various locations where you will be able to catch the show, but the most popular location is undoubtedly the Uluwatu Temple. The Uluwatu Temple is a temple perched on a seaside hilltop which promises a stunning sunset view, creating a picturesque backdrop for the performance.

Source: Tanah Lot Bali

Other popular locations in Bali to catch the Kecak Fire Dance Show include the Tanah Lot Temple, Batu Bulan, or Ubud.

How to get tickets to the Kecak Fire Dance Show?

There are various ways to get a ticket to the Kecak Fire Dance Show.

Joining a tour or getting your tickets from OTAs

One of the easiest way to do so is to join a temple tour that includes the Kecak Fire Dance Show as part of the package. As the temples are typically a distance away, joining a tour will make it much easier for you to get there and you wouldn’t have to worry about figuring out the logistics of getting there or securing tickets.

Of course, if you do not need transportation option, there are also options for simply getting the tickets to the show. You can get the tickets from platforms such as Klook or Tiqets. However, do note that the tickets to the show do not include the tickets to the temple, and you might need to purchase that separately.

Getting your tickets directly

Another option is to get your tickets directly from the temple. Some of the temples like the Uluwatu Temple offers the option for you to buy tickets online in advance. Buy the tickets in advance to secure a seat.

Alternatively, you could purchase a ticket at the counter of the temple when you arrive. However, this runs the risk that tickets are no longer available. If you are planning to get your tickets on-site, it is recommended that you arrive at the temple at around 3 or 4pm in the afternoon. This will give you sufficient (but not too much) time to also tour the temple before the show!