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Best Places in London for Street Art

4 districts to hunt for street art in London

· 25 min read

London has always been known as a city that is rich in art and culture, and its vibrant street art scene is no exception. As you walk through the streets of London, you'll be greeted with some of the most stunning and thought-provoking artworks that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Street art has become an integral part of the city's landscape, and it's not hard to see why.

There are countless street artworks in London that are worth checking out, but if you are on a look out for some urban street art, here are a few locations that you definitely shouldn’t miss.

P.S. As with the nature of street art, the pieces may get refreshed over time, so give these places a shot, even if you have visited before — you might find something new!


Shoreditch is a vibrant district in East London. It is known as one of the epicenters of London's street art scene, with numerous murals and graffiti pieces adorning its streets and buildings.

Shoreditch's street art scene began to emerge in the 1990s, when artists began to use the area's abandoned buildings and warehouses as canvases. Over the years, the scene has grown and evolved, attracting artists from around the world and becoming an important part of London's cultural landscape.

Today, the area's walls and buildings are covered in colorful murals, bold graffiti tags, and intricate stencil art. There is so much street art you can find at Shoreditch, but if you don’t have time to check them all out, head straight to Brick Lane and its surroundings for a glimpse of the street art scene of east London.


Camden's street art scene is eclectic and diverse, with a range of styles and techniques on display. The area has a long history of artistic and cultural experimentation, and many of its street art pieces reflect this rebellious and counter-culture spirit.

The art pieces at Camden are slightly more dispersed, but the majority of them are located between Camden Town and Camden Farm tube stations. Hawley Street, Hawley Mews, Castlehaven Road, and Miller Street are some of the hot spots in Camden that you should check out.

Leake Street Tunnel

Leake Street Tunnel, also known as the "Banksy Tunnel", is a popular street art location located in the Waterloo area of London, England. It is an underground tunnel that runs underneath the platforms of Waterloo Station and is approximately 300 metres long.

The tunnel gained its nickname "Banksy Tunnel" after the famous street artist Banksy curated an exhibition called "Cans Festival" in the tunnel in 2008. Since then, the tunnel has become a popular destination for street artists and visitors alike.

The Leake Street Tunnel is London’s longest legal graffiti wall, meaning it’s free for anyone to showcase their work. This means that the art work in the tunnel refreshes very quickly, and you can expect to see new works of art each time you visit.


Brixton is probably best known for its music scene, bustling markets, and nightlife. But it also has a wonderful collection of street art that is well-fitting of such a vibrant district.

One of the most well-known pieces of street art in Brixton is a mural of David Bowie, located on the side of Morleys department store on Brixton Road. The mural was painted by Australian artist James Cochran, also known as Jimmy C, and it has become a popular spot for photos.

The street art in Brixton goes beyond just this mural, but also includes many more pieces of art work scattered across residential roads, walls, bridges, or other public spaces. Do keep a look out for some of these gems as you explore the lively neighbourhood of Brixton!