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Best Places to Go Thrift-Shopping in Osaka

Lots of hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

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Japan is known for many things, including its shopping. For travelers who enjoy thrift shopping or the thrill of discovering a good deal at second-hand shops, Japan is a paradise. For collectors of toys, figurines, and anime merchandise, you have your usual suspects such as K-books, Suruga-ya, Lashinbang, and Mandarake. But second-hand and thrift shopping in Japan is not just for anime lovers! If you are looking to pick up some fashion items at a steal, there is also a lot waiting for you to discover! Let's take a look at some for the best places for thrift shopping in Osaka.

Source: Kindal

Major second-hand chains to look out for

If you are looking to go thrift-shopping for fashion items in Japan, there are a few major brands you should be aware of:

  • Kindal
  • 2nd Street
  • Trefac Style
  • Komehyo

These three chains are second-hand stores with branches all over Japan. Of course, as with the nature of thrift-stores, the collection that is available at each branch will differ, and whether you manage to find something you like depends largely on fate.

Source: Trefac Style

As a guideline, the branches in the downtown area are likely to carry more trendy items, though they might be pricier; and if you head out to the suburbs, the items are likely to be cheaper, though they may not always be the most fashionable. You can check the websites of the chains to see the brands that are featured at each branch.

2nd Street has 71 branches all over Osaka, with the flagship store being at Chayamachi, a popular district for the youth. Kindal also has multiple branches in Osaka, with branches in popular districts such as Chayamachi and Shinsaibashi; and with Trefac Style, the biggest shop they have in Osaka is located at Americamura, located near Shinsaibashi. Komehyo has four branches in Osaka.

2nd Street and Komehyo also have online stores with items available for worldwide shipping — though the thrift in thrift shopping might no longer be there if we were to consider international shipping fees.

Go-to districts for the best thrift-shopping in Osaka

Aside from the chain stores, Osaka also has a number of independent thrift stores that you could check out. These stores are mostly concentrated in a few districts - and, yes, you probably would have guessed it - these districts are also where the main branches of these chain stores are located.

So, if you are looking to spend an afternoon searching for treasures, these areas are where you should be at:

1. Shinsaibashi and Americamura (American Village)

Source: Japan Travel

Shnsaibashi is one of the best shopping districts for streetwear apparel and international brands. But aside from the boutique stores, Shinsaibashi is also home to many independent thrift stores. Do keep a look out for these stores as you stroll along the streets. And not to be missed is the Americamura located in Shinsaibashi. Americamura offers a treasure trove of second-hand and quirky stores. You will be able to find a diverse array of clothings and accessories, and even items from the same brands that you see just across the street - except they're pre-owned and likely to be off-season, and at a much cheaper price.

2. Horie District and Orange Street

Source: Japan Travel

About a 15 minutes walk away from Americamura lies Orange Street, also known as Tachibana-dori. While originally an area that is lined with furniture stores, Orange Street today has a large number of trendy bars, cafes, and independent boutiques. Don't be intimidated by the large number of street fashion brands that line the street, there are a few hidden thrift shops there if you look closely! And one of those that you are unlikely to miss is PalStock, a two-storey thrift shop with a large range of clothes to choose from.

3. Umeda and Chayamachi

When it comes to shopping in Osaka, we can't miss Umeda. While Umeda is mostly filled with skyscrapers, shopping malls, and high-end luxury boutiques, it is also possible to find thrift-stores there. While you are less likely to be able to find independent shops selling second-hand items there, you will be able to find the major second-hand chain stores there!

4. Tennoji

Source: Trip to Japan

Now, for something different, consider heading to the Shitennoji flea market that takes place on the 21st and 22nd of every month. This thousand-year-old temple is transformed into a flea market on the 21st and 22nd of every month, and you will be able to find a wide array of goods at very affordable prices! If you are planning to visit the flea market, consider going earlier in the day. You might also want to consider packing some food from the convenience stores as the queues for food could get rather long.