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Savoring Taipei's Skyline: 6 Best Restaurants with a View

Enjoy a meal with amazing views on your next trip to Taipei

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Taipei, the bustling and vibrant capital city of Taiwan, is renowned for its rich culinary scene. With such a diverse and thriving food culture, it's no surprise that Taipei is also home to some incredible restaurants with breathtaking views. If you are looking for a place to have a meal with good food, great atmosphere, and some spectacular views, here are some of our top recommendations!


THE TOP is a restaurant located at Yangmingshan. From THE TOP, you will get a birds' eye view of the beautiful nightscape of the Taipei city. The restaurant's setting creates a vibe similar to that of a holiday resort that you would perhaps see in Bali, and is very popular venue for couples on a date, or just a night out with a group of friends.

Source: Bobby.tw
Source: Bobby.tw

THE TOP's menu features a variety of cuisines, mostly focusing on Asian stir-fried dishes with a local twist. The restaurant also offers a barbecue menu and a menu with steak options, but these menu options are only available for certain seating areas, so be sure to check the menu options before heading there!

THE TOP doesn't accept reservations for the normal tables. But if you will be traveling in big groups or seeking a more private and intimate experience, THE TOP offers options for private rooms — reservations are allowed for these private rooms. Do note that there is a minimum spend requirement for the private rooms; and for the normal tables, there is also a minimum spend requirement of 350NTD per pax. It should also be noted that this is a cash-only restaurant and credit cards are not accepted.

Chousan 草山夜未眠

Chousan is another restaurant at Yangmingshan that is known for its amazing views, and is probably the most popular amongst locals. Apart from the food and views from the restaurant, Chousan also has an installation of a mini carousel in the restaurant, which is one of the main photo spots in the restaurant.

Source: Chousan Facebook Page
Source: Chousan Facebook Page

Chousan has an Asian-focused menu, serving dishes with local flavours, and the Fried String Beans with Pig Intestines and Sichuan Style Chicken are some of the most popular dishes. But if you are not in the mood for a full meal, you can also choose to go for the fried platter, which includes fried food like fries, onion rings, and chicken wings. Remember to pair your meal with a drink from their drinks menu!

Seats are fairly limited here at Chousan, so it is recommended to make your reservations in advance, especially if you are planning to visit on a weekend or special occasion. Reservations open on the first of every month for the following month. Note that there is a minimum spend requirement of 300NTD per pax and a maximum dining time of 3 hours.

💡 Chousan also has a sister restaurant, Bagua Yeweimian (八卦夜未眠), which also offers amazing views. Bagua's menu items are rather different and focuses on Asian-fusion food. They also offer hotpot and barbecue options, and is a good alternative to Chousan if you are in the mood for a barbecue with a view.

Night Fever 夜店

We are still on Yangmingshan — but Night Fever is the only restaurant on Yangmingshan that offers Western cuisine. You can find burgers, pizzas, and pasta on their menu, so if this is your idea of what a dinner with a view should look like, then Night Fever would be your go-to! Night Fever also caters more to groups of friends, with a range of entertainment options like board games and dartboards that are also made available to diners.

Source: Night Fever Facebook Page
Source: Night Fever Facebook Page

While Night Fever doesn't offer views as spectacular as THE TOP or Chousan (due to its slightly lower altitude), you can still enjoy a pretty good view of the city lights from Night Fever. Night Fever also tends to be less crowded, so if crowds are a factor for you, then perhaps Night Fever would be a better choice.

Note that Night Fever doesn't accept payment by credit card — only cash payment (or internet transfer) is allowed. There is a minimum spend of 280NTD per pax, and a dining time of 2 hours.


Moving away from Yangmingshan, LAX is a contemporary restaurant located at Maokong. Maokong has always been known for the gondola and the many teahouses, LAX has brought new life to the area with its opening in 2022.

Source: LAX Facebook Page
Source: LAX Facebook Page

Nestled in the midst of the mountainous area of Maokong (which is a distance away from the city center of Taipei), you don't exactly get views of city lights from here. Instead, your view is likely to contain more greenery and nature, with only spots of the city as a backdrop to complete the framing. As it gets later into the night, the views may not be as good as visibility might be limited— so if you are primarily visiting for the views, we recommend that you head to LAX in the afternoon or early evening where there is still some natural light.

The cocktails and drinks are a highlight of the menu at LAX. If you don't take alcohol, they also have tea-based mocktails that are rather interesting. They also have a pretty extensive food menu to go along with your drink, with pizza and pasta being the more popular options. Bar bites and fried food platters are also available, and if you are looking for something with more of a local twist, you can try their three-cup squid.

Diamond Tony's Panorama Restaurant 隨意鳥地方

If you want a view right smack from the city center, then Diamond Tony's Panorama Restaurant is your go-to restaurant. Located on the 85th floor of the iconic Taipei 101 building, you can be sure to get panoramic views of the city from the restaurant — though not all seats are equal and some offer better views than the other. Different from the first four restaurants in this article, Diamond Tony's Panorama Restaurant doesn't offer outdoor seating, but you can be sure to enjoy the food in comfort.

Source: Diamond Tony's Panaroma 101 Restaurant Facebook Page
Source: Diamond Tony's Panaroma 101 Restaurant Facebook Page

The restaurant is an Italian restaurant, serving high quality and exquisite Italian cuisine. Instead of ordering individual dishes, the menu here follows a set-menu style, though you will be able to choose your mains and appetisers. Prices are definitely much higher than all the other restaurants on this list, but it remains a very popular venue for dates or special occasions where people are more likely to indulge and splurge a little more — the lunch options are slightly cheaper than the dinner menu, so you could consider going for lunch instead if cost is a concern.

CÉ LA VI Taipei

If you are looking for a sky bar or bistro, then head to highest rooftop bar in Taipei, CÉ LA VI. Located on the 48th floor of Taipei Breeze Nanshan, the restaurant is directly opposite the iconic Taipei 101. You'll get to see the top of the building at eye level, a view you wouldn't be able to get from anywhere else; and the building will make a great backdrop for photos of your dining experience.

Source: Harpers Bazaar
Source: Harpers Bazaar

CÉ LA VI has four main dining slots — lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and post-dinner (which is just for the sky bar). One of the most popular dining slots is the slot for the afternoon tea, where you get to enjoy desserts and tea along with some stunning views of the city — and all at a relatively cheaper price compared to lunch and dinner. During the winter months, you could also catch the beautiful sunset against Taipei's skyline during this time slot, elevating the entire experience. The restaurant also has outdoor seatings, which are very popular amongst those who are looking to take photos for the gram.

Note that CÉ LA VI has a dress code of business/chic, and guests wearing slippers, sandals, or flip flops will not be permitted entry. Men in sleeveless shirts, tank tops, and shorts will also not be allowed entry — do check the dress code requirements before heading over just to be sure!