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Discover Chiang Mai's Local Produce at Jing Jai Market

Possibly the best daytime market in Chiang Mai

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Nestled a little to the north of Chiang Mai's old city is the Jing Jai Village, a vibrant and unique community space that offers visitors a chance to experience a fusion of modernity and tradition ini Chiang Mai. Here, visitors will be able to find a variety of cafes, restaurant, and shops selling handicraft. On weekends, the village also comes to life with the Jing Jai Weekend Farmer Market, where you will get to sample some of the region's best produce.

Source: Jing Jai Market Chiang Mai Facebook Page
Source: Jing Jai Market Chiang Mai Facebook Page

Jing Jai Village

Jing Jai Village is a community space featuring a number of shops, cafes, and restaurants. The village is open daily, with the restaurants and shops having their individual opening times.

Here, you will be able to find a variety of food options, ranging from local Thai food to international cuisine like Japanese, Vietnamese, or Chinese. The restaurants and cafes here mostly have a relaxing and laid-back atmosphere, suitable for a chill afternoon out.

Source: Jing Jai Central Chiang Mai
Source: Jing Jai Central Chiang Mai

🍽️ What To Eat

Some of the most popular options at the Jing Jai Village include:

Source: Jing Jai Village Chiang Mai
Source: Jing Jai Village Chiang Mai

Aside from food, the Jing Jai Village also has a number of interesting shops. From craft studios and candle shops to skate shops and vinyl records, spend some time exploring these shops and pick up a unique souvenir. Head to Good Goods, a concept store that sells coffee as well as handicraft that are locally Thai with a modern twist. For some fresh and organic local produce, you can also head to Tops Green, a supermarket that promotes green living which features quality and organic produce in the region.

Jing Jai Weekend Market

On weekends, the Jing Jai Farmers Market opens next to the Jing Jai Village. This is also when most people choose to visit. The market opens from 6.30am to 2pm on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), with a wide variety of stalls focusing on food and craftwork.

Source: Jing Jai Market Facebook Page
Source: Jing Jai Market Facebook Page

The market has two main sections to it — the farmers market and the rustic market. The farmers market is the first organic market in Chiang Mai, and here, you will be able to find fresh, local produces, homemade bakery, and a variety of ready-to-eat food made by the local farmers.

Source: Jing Jai Market Chiang Mai Facebook Page
Source: Jing Jai Market Chiang Mai Facebook Page

Over at the rustic market, things get a bit more artistic and you will find handmade art and craft items created by local artists and handicraft experts. Workshops and events are sometimes also held at the market or village for you to unleash your creativity.

There will be tables set out at the Jing Jai Weekend Market, so you can buy your food from various stalls and enjoy your meal at one of those tables. There are also often live music performances to add to the vibrant atmosphere.

What People Say…

Here is a round up of what people think about Jing Jai Market:

  • Jing Jai Market is a laid-back and more peaceful daytime market compared to other markets. It is also one of the most organised markets in Chiang Mai.
  • You can expect to find unique items here that are different from the usual things that you find at the other markets and tourist attractions.
  • Things here could be a bit more expensive than what you can find at other markets, but they are also of better quality.

Visiting Tips

Here are some things to note when you are visiting the Jing Jai Village and Jing Jai Market:

💡Jing Jai Village and Jing Jai Market promotes green living and do not use plastic bags. Bring along your own bags to store your shopping loots!

💡The weather in Chiang Mai can get really, really hot. As the Jing Jai Market is open-air, remember to put on sunblock and keep yourself hydrated.

💡There is also a gallery at Jing Jai Village. Drop by the gallery to see if you might be interested in any of the ongoing exhibits.

When to visit Jing Jai Village and Market

If you are planning to visit Jing Jai Market, it is open only on weekend mornings from 6.30am to 2pm. We recommend that you head there early for breakfast to beat the late morning-early afternoon sun and the crowds.

If you are cool with just heading to the village and skip the market, then it might be better to visit during the week where there are less crowds.

How to get to Jing Jai Market

It is possible to walk to Jing Jai Market from the North Gate, but it'll be much easier to just hail a TukTuk or a Grab to get you there!

🗺️ Address: Atsadathon Rd, Pa Tan Sub-district, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand