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Frameless: An Immersive Art Experience in London

Step beyond the frames and into the world of the art pieces

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Within London's vibrant art scene, an array of galleries enrich the city's cultural fabric. Although the London National Gallery undeniably holds a position of renown as the most visited gallery in the city, numerous other galleries beckon, offering unexplored realms for discovery and appreciation. Among these, Frameless stands out for its exciting and innovative displays of art in a space that fosters creativity and innovation, taking visitors on an immersive and multi-sensory journey.

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What is Frameless?

Rather than an art gallery, Frameless could probably be better considered as an immersive digital art experience. Located in London's West End, Frameless leverages projection technology to bring to life the masterpieces of some of the world's most renowned artists.

Conventionally, art pieces are framed and exhibited, and you, as the audience, serve as a passive observer. Through the use of projection technology, Frameless presents these art pieces in a spectacular and exciting manner.

Exhibits are presented in a multi-sensory and multi-dimensional manner, and you are no longer just a passive observer. Step beyond the frame, and into the world of the art pieces.

Source: Frameless

Frameless has four different galleries, each with a different theme, but all of them highly entertaining. And, all of them very Instagrammable.

What to expect at Frameless in London?

There are four main galleries at Frameless:

  • Beyond Reality
  • Colour in Motion
  • The World Around Us; and
  • The Art of Abstraction

As you walk through these galleries, you will see familiar works by renowned artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Thomas Lowinsky, Max Ernst, and more.

Source: Frameless

The works are carefully curated and put together, matching the theme of each of these galleries. The overall experience is further enhanced and completed through the selection of musical tracks and accompaniment as you explore these galleries.

There are online guides available in 9 different languages, allowing you to find out more about the different art works as you journey through the gallery.

Frameless also plays a role in supporting emerging creatives and talent. In addition to the four main galleries, there is a Blank Canvas gallery that hosts works from emerging artists. Take some time to check out the works by these up-and-coming artists at the Blank Canvas gallery.

Beyond the Galleries: Events and Pop-ups

Ever imagined doing yoga in a piece of art work? Yes, that could be possible.

Source: Frameless

Beyond the immersive galleries, Frameless also regularly hosts pop-up events throughout the year. As you plan your visit to Frameless, don't forget to check if there are any special events that might be taking place. And if there is, don't miss the chance to experience it!

For those who want to delve deeper into the stories behind the art pieces, Frameless also holds a monthly Art Talk in partnership with ArtscapesUK. These art talks are a great way to start off your visit, allowing you to better appreciate and enjoy the art pieces as you explore the galleries!

Frameless is housed within Marble Arch Place.

The nearest Tube station will be the Marble Arch station.

Alternatively, you could also take the Tube to Bond Street (8 minutes walk), Edgware Road (12 minutes walk), or Marylebone (15 minutes walk).

Tickets are available at the door, but they are more expensive than if you were to buy them online ahead of time.

You can get them online through these platforms:

Frameless also offers Late tickets for visits after-hours on Friday and Saturday nights. These visits are exclusive to visitors over-18, and are a great option for those looking for an after-dark culture fix or an unique date night. Tickets for these sessions are available from £20, and are only available on Ticketmaster.