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Pocket Guide to Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival

Experience double the magic at this year's festival

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Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable experience in Taiwan? Look no further than the annual Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival, held during summer on the beautiful Fulong Beach along the Northeast coast of Taiwan.

Source: Fullon Hotels
Source: Fullon Hotels

A Brief History of the Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival

The first Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival held in 2008 was a small-scale event featuring sand sculptures created by local artists. The festival's organizers were inspired by the success of similar events in other parts of the world, and saw an opportunity to showcase the beauty of Fulong Beach and promote tourism in the area.

Over the years, the festival has grown in size and popularity, attracting artists and visitors from all over the world. Today, it is one of the largest sand sculpture festivals in Asia, and features stunning artworks created by some of the most talented sand sculptors in the world.

Highlights of the 2023 Festival

Are you ready to experience pure magic? If the breathtaking beauty of sand sculptures alone doesn't amaze you, prepare to be enchanted by the most mesmerizing display yet—Disney-themed sand sculptures! Get ready to immerse yourself in a celebration like no other as the Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival joins forces with Disney to bring you a sensational event commemorating 100 years of Disney magic.

Source: Fullon Hotels
Source: Fullon Hotels

Picture this: more than 15 exceptionally talented Taiwanese and international sand sculptors uniting their skills to craft a staggering total of 65 magnificent sand sculptures. And guess what? A staggering 60 of these awe-inspiring creations pay homage to the enchanting world of Disney. Get ready to have your wildest dreams come to life as the tiniest grains of sand unite, magically breathing life into your beloved characters from the iconic Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars franchises.

Source: Fullon Hotels
Source: Fullon Hotels

Let your imagination run wild as you witness Mickey Mouse and his friends springing to life, right before your very eyes. Lose yourself in the world of Pixar as Buzz Lightyear and the lovable characters from your favorite animated films take shape in a way you've never seen before. Brace yourself for an intergalactic adventure as your most cherished Star Wars heroes materialize from the sand, and get ready to witness the Marvel superheroes in all their sand-sculpted glory.

When is the Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival 2023?

The festival this year is a whopping 136-days long, starting from 9 June 2023 and running all the way until 22 October 2023. The sand sculptures are open for viewing daily from 8am to 6pm. Hours will be extended to 7pm for the months of July and August. If you will be visiting Taiwan during this period, be sure to stop by the Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival!

How to Get There

The festival is held at Fulong Beach, and you can enter the festival grounds via the Rainbow Bridge near Fullon Hotel. The easiest way to get there on public transport would be to take the Taiwan Railway.

Take the Taiwan Railway to Fulong Station. From there, it is about a 5-minute walk to the venue. The train ride takes about an hour. Refer to the TRA website for train schedules.

Ticketing and Prices

Tickets cost 150NTD per person at the door. Alternatively, you can purchase the tickets for a slight discount (at 130NTD) from Klook.

Visiting Tips

  • The Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival is held in the grounds of the Fullon Hotel Fulong. Aside from visiting the sand sculptures, you can also enjoy a variety of other recreational activities like SUP or the newly opened indoor archery centre (only available on weekends).
Old Caoling Tunnel | Source: Taiwan.net
Old Caoling Tunnel | Source: Taiwan.net
  • Beyond the hotel grounds, you can also take the chance to also explore the Northeast coast of Taiwan. You can rent a bicycle and cycle around the area. Some of the most popular places to explore on bike is the Old Caoling Tunnel. Or for those who are up for cycling a longer distance, you can visit the Maoao Fishing Harbour for some fresh seafood, and also head to Sandiaojiao lighthouse, the eastern-most point of Taiwan. Maoao Fishing Harbour and Sandiaojiao lighthouse are both accessible by buses from Fullon Hotel as well. Or if you wanted to explore the area by foot, you could trek along the Caoling Historic Trail.
  • We recommend that you start your day at Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival early to avoid the crowds. This will also give you ample time to explore the surrounding area thereafter. It is possible to visit the Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival on a day trip, but most people will choose to spend a night to explore the area.
  • You could also choose to combine a visit to Fulong with a visit to Jiufen and Shifen, which are very popular tourist destinations.