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Day trip from Jakarta: A visit to the Traditional Baduy Tourism Village

A stark contrast to the busy city of Jakarta

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Tucked away in the lush greenery of Indonesia, Baduy Village stands as a living testament to the preservation of ancient traditions and a unique way of life. Just a few hours away from the bustling city of Jakarta, this village offers visitors a rare opportunity to witness a community that has intentionally chosen to distance itself from the trappings of the contemporary world. If you are looking for a destination to unwind, really disconnect, and experience a simpler way of life, Baduy Village might just be what you are looking for.

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Baduy Village

The Baduy people are an indigenous ethnic group native to the Lebak Regency in Banten, Indonesia. They live a very traditional lifestyle and limit their interactions with the outside world to minimise outside influence and preserve their ethnic traditions.

Baduy is divided into two parts: Baduy Luar (or outer Baduy) and Baduy Dalam (or inner Baduy). Those living in Baduy Dalam have very limited contact with the outside world; and those living in Baduy Luar act as a barrier between Baduy Luar and the 'outside world'.

Source: Kuncoro Widyo Rumpoko

Life in Baduy Dalam is very traditional, and they rely heavily on the natural ecosystem. The only modes of transport there is to walk; they do not use electricity nor chemicals like soap or toothpaste; and there are no proper bathrooms or other infrastructure projects.

While foreigners are generally not allowed to visit Baduy Dalam, it is said that if you look Southeast Asian, it would be possible for you to enter the village. Otherwise, it is still possible for visitors to visit Baduy Luar.

Rules and etiquette about visiting Baduy Village

If you are planning to visit the Baduy Village, it is crucial for you to abide by their rules. Be respectful and mindful of the traditions of the village.

The rules are much stricter in Baduy Dalam, so if you have the chance to enter Baduy Dalam, these are some things you should take note of:

  1. No electronic devices allowed: The Baduy Dalam people do not use any electronics, including smartphones and cameras. As a guest to their village, switch off all your electronics and don't use them while you are in the village. You are almost certainly not going to be able to get any signal anyway.
  2. No photography: Photography in the village is strictly not allowed. But since you shouldn't be using any electronics, there shouldn't be a way for you to take photos anyway. Photos are fine in Baduy Luar though!
  3. No chemicals: That also means you wouldn't be able to use soap, shampoo, or toothpaste. If this isn't something that you can accept, then you probably shouldn't spend the night.
  4. Don't be rowdy, and keep the place clean: Don't disrupt the peace and tranquility of the village. Also be mindful to keep the surroundings clean — do not litter or vandalise.
Source: Viator

How to visit Baduy Village?

It is possible for you to make your own way to Baduy Village from Jakarta, but this requires quite a bit of planning. You will need to take a train and make a few bus transfers, before trekking to the village. And if you are planning to stay the night, you might need to ask around for places to stay, which might not be the easiest if you can't speak the language.

To cut through the confusion and planning, joining an organised tour would be much more convenient. These tours usually will provide a pick up service from your hotel at Jakarta and take you to the Baduy Village — though you will definitely still need to trek a distance from the drop-off point to the village.

It is important to note that these tours will usually only include Baduy Luar. If you want to visit Baduy Dalam (and if you are Southeast Asian), check with the tour providers to confirm if they could arrange it for you.

Day Tours to Baduy Village

Overnight Tours to Baduy Village

If you want to experience spending the night (or two) at Baduy Village, there are some local tour operators that you could check out. Most of these tours will require you to send them an email or submit an online form to get a quote.

Below are a list of operators that you could consider checking out: