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Have fun with your favourite Pop Mart characters at POPLAND Beijing!

Good luck with the blind boxes!

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Are you also one a collector of POP MART? If you, like many others, are a collector of these trading figures sold in blind boxes, then you are not going to want to miss a visit to POPLAND in Beijing, the first (and only) POP MART theme park. Meet your favourite Pop Mart characters like Molly, SkullPanda, and Dimoo at POPLAND in Beijing.

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What is POPLAND?

POPLAND, or 泡泡玛特城市乐园 (Pao Pao Ma Te Cheng Shi Le Yuan) in Chinese, Pop Land City Theme Park is a meticulously crafted immersive IP-themed park by Pop Mart. Nestled within Beijing's largest park, the Chaoyang Park, POPLAND spans approximately 40,000 square meters. Its convenient location and easy accessibility make it possible for visitors to indulge in a rich playground experience right in the heart of the city.

Rather than a theme park, POPLAND is more of a themed park. So you shouldn't be expecting rides like you would at Disneyland or Universal Studios; instead, POPLAND is more similar to the Ghibli Park that you would find in Japan, essentially being a place for visitors to experience the various IPs of the brand.

What to expect at POPLAND?

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1. Stamp Collection Points

When you enter POPLAND, you can pick up a stamp passport. There are 8 stamp collection points across POPLAND for you to obtain the stamps for the passport.

2. Mini games

There are a few mini games in POPLAND. When you enter the park, remember to pick up your mini game slip - the slip entitles you to play any one of the games once for free. If you want to play additional games, that will be 30 RMB each. You will get a mini badge if you take part in the games - and well, yes, true to the spirit of POP MART, these badges are in the form of blinds.

3. Themed Areas

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There are three main areas the park for the various POP MART characters — the POP Street where you will find interactive exhibits; the LABUBU Adventure Forest where there are interactive games; and Molly's Castle, the main attraction of the park. There will be many photo opportunities with your favourite POP MART characters as you wander through the different themed areas.

Download the free POPLAND app where you can enjoy an AR experience as you go through the various areas in the park.

4. Molly's Castle

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You are likely going to be spending most of your time at Molly's Castle. Molly's Castle is where you will be able to pick up your favourite figurines. There are exclusive and limited edition figurines sold here, so be sure to make a stop there if you want to complete your collection. There is a purchase limit of 2 blind boxes per person for the exclusive boxes, and you can't choose the boxes — so in case you were hoping you could shake the boxes to try to get the character of your choice, that wouldn't be possible.

The castle also has a number of dining areas and restaurants that serve themed dishes. There are some special menu items at the restaurants at POPLAND. Advanced reservations are required for some of these menu items, so make sure to put in your reservations via their official WeChat mini app if you want to try these items.

5. Character Meet and Greet Sessions

There are also character meet-and-greet sessions and an opportunity for you to snap some photos with your favourite characters. You can check out the timings and locations for the character meet and greet sessions from the WeChat mini-app for POPLAND.

How much time to spend at POPLAND?

POPLAND isn't huge, and you can realistically get through the park within an hour.

But, if you are visiting with children, there are a number of play areas where children are likely to be able to enjoy and can easily spend hours there.

And if you will be planning to buy merchandise, or if you are planning to queue to take photos with the characters, then you should cater for more time — yes, you will likely be spending more time in line than actually touring the place.

Source: Sohu

How to get to POPLAND?

POPLAND is located at the West 3 Gate of the Chaoyang Park in Beijing. You can take the metro line 14 to Zaoying station, and walk to the park from exit D. If you will be taking a taxi or private hire, alight at the West 3 Gate of Chaoyang Park.

Getting tickets for POPLAND

Tickets for POPLAND are priced at 150RMB each on weekdays, and 180RMB each on weekends. Tickets are available at the door.

You can also choose to purchase the tickets on the POPLAND WeChat mini-app, but that requires an identity verification and you will need to bring along your passport for identity verification at the entrance when you visit.

If you are visiting on your birthday, remember to also claim your birthday gift at the entrance when you get your tickets!

The park is open from 10am to 8pm every day and last entry is at 7pm.