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Be surprised by light at Rome's Museum of Light

Your kids will enjoy it, and so will you!

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Rome, the Eternal City, is renowned for its historical splendor and cultural richness. But if you are feeling overwhelmed with all the historical and cultural sites (and the crowds that come along with it), consider taking a break from that and visit the Museum of Light instead! Nestled amidst the ancient streets and modern avenues, this unique museum offers a captivating journey through fascinating light installations and mind-bending illusions.

Source: Museum of Light

What is the Museum of Light?

The Museum of Light, also known as Museo della luce, is an experiential museum in the historic center of Rome. The museum, which as its name suggests, focuses on light, bringing visitors on a fascinating journey to explore all things related to light.

Throughout the visit path, you can expect to see various light installations, optical effects, and scientific explorations related to light. You will have the opportunity to experience drawing with light, create your own light installation, and enter a UV room. And of course, as with exhibits related to light, you can expect to see a lot of mirrors and mirror-related exhibits.

Is the Museum of Light for kids?

Kind of, but not exactly. Kids are going to enjoy the Museum of Light, but the Museum of Light isn't that sort of museum that only kids will enjoy.

Children are bound to enjoy the Museum of Light, with numerous hands-on and interactive exhibits. The museum of Light is an educational and engaging museum that could keep your children entertained — especially if they are getting restless with the sightseeing.

Source: Museum of Light

But, the Museum of Light is not only for young children. Adults can also enjoy the museum, with the fascinating exhibits and installations!

The museum's focus on light could make it fairly interesting for those who are into cinematography, photography, or simply, science. See applications of light in a way that you might not have imagined before. And, even if you are not interested in learning about light (don't worry - we don't judge), the exhibits and installations are still rather fascinating! Plus, they also make for some rather Instagrammable photo opportunities!

And the best thing? The Museum of Light is still a fairly hidden attraction, and it is a great break from the crowds at the major tourist sites in Rome. The visiting time slots are also limited by capacity, ensuring a pleasant experience for all visitors.

How much time to spend at the Museum of Light?

The museum covers 1,000 square metres and a visit will typically last about 1.5 hours. But of course, you are free to spend a longer time with the interactive exhibits.

Source: Museum of Light

Buying tickets for the Museum of Light

You can pre-purchase your tickets to the Museum of Light via their official website. Tickets cost 17EUR for an adult. Combo deals are available for family tickets.

Alternatively, you can also purchase your tickets from Viator, at a similar price but with the option of free-cancellation. Children tickets and family deals are not available on Viator.

You can also buy tickets at the counters on-site. However, if you are traveling during the peak season, it is recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance.