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Guide to Seoul International Fireworks Festival

Enjoy spectacular displays of fireworks by the Han River

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Are you ready to witness a truly mesmerizing spectacle that will leave you in awe? Look no further than the Seoul International Fireworks Festival! This annual event has been captivating locals and visitors alike for years, and is one of the most anticipated events in Seoul during fall. Head over to the Hangang park and watch as the beauty and grandeur of fireworks lights up the night sky of South Korea's bustling capital city.

Source: its4uu.tistory.com
Source: its4uu.tistory.com

Seoul International Fireworks Festival

The Seoul International Fireworks Festival is the largest and most spectacular fireworks festival in South Korea. It is held annually (with the exception of the few years of COVID) near the Yeouido Hangang Park.

The festival features fireworks display by various teams from all over the world, and the entire duration of the fireworks display typically lasts an hour. While the fireworks display only begins when night falls, there are many fringe events that will begin from the afternoon.

When is the Seoul International Fireworks Festival?

The Seoul International Fireworks Festival is expected to take place on 7 October 2023 (Saturday) this year. Although the festival typically takes place towards the end of September, it will be pushed back slightly to the first Saturday of October due to the Chuseok holidays happening from 28 September - 30 September.

Source: its4uu.tistory.com
Source: its4uu.tistory.com

Where to Watch Seoul International Fireworks Festival?

The Seoul International Fireworks Festival will take place along the Yeouido Hangang Park, and that is where you should be if you are planning to watch the festival right in the center of all the action. Be warned though that the park will be crowded, and roads and sidewalks will be closed during the festival to facilitate the traffic.

Aside from the Yeouido Hangang Park, the fireworks can also be seen from other areas in Seoul. Some of the best areas to view the fireworks festival includes Ichon Hangang Park and Nodeul Island, though they could also be rather crowded. If you don't mind watching the fireworks from a distance in exchange for less crowds, consider heading to Namsan Park instead. Or if your budget permits, consider having dinner at one of the restaurants in 63 Building, or to book a nearby hotel to enjoy the fireworks from the comfort of your hotel room.

Source: Rove.me
Source: Rove.me

Tips for Attending the Fireworks Festival

If you will be attending the Seoul International Fireworks Festival at the Yeouido Hangang Park, here are some tips:

  • Bring along a picnic mat, and arrive early to get a good spot. There will be food trucks and stalls that sell food, so you can easily grab some bites in the park while picnicking by the Han River. Although calling for delivery is a good option for a picnic at the Yeouido Hangang Park on a typical day, we don't recommend you do that during the Fireworks Festival as roads will be closed and delivery might not be possible.
  • Take the subway to the park. Yeouinaru Station on line 5 is the nearest to where the main area is.
  • Layer up, or bring a blanket. Seoul during October has a very pleasant temperature during the day time. However, when night falls, it can get rather chilly, especially since you are right by the river and winds could get strong. Bring along a jacket so that you can keep yourself warm at night.

Best Hotels to Stay for the Fireworks Festival

If you prefer to enjoy the display of fireworks from the comfort of your hotel room, remember to request for a room on the higher floors and faces Yeouido Hangang Park. Below is a list of some hotels in the area that you could consider: