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Strawberry Picking Experiences near Seoul

Winter in South Korea means strawberries!!

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Winter in South Korea brings along many exciting things — the very romantic first snow, Christmas events and lights, and of course, the strawberry season. When you see all the major F&B chain stores launching strawberry-flavoured food items as seasonal specials, you know that winter has arrived in South Korea. And it's not just in chain stores - just walk into any of the sijangs (markets) or supermarkets, and you're almost definitely going to see vibrant, red strawberries on sale. Of course, it is not all about the seasonal menus — this is also one of the best times for strawberry picking!

Source: Songchon Lakeside Farm Facebook Page

When is strawberry season in South Korea?

Strawberries are often associated with winter in South Korea, but the season actually runs all the way into spring. The strawberry season is generally regarded to be from December to June, but its peak is typically from January to April.

If you are visiting South Korea towards the end of April or in early May, you usually will be able to snag up some juicy strawberries at much cheaper prices as stall owners are looking to clear their stock before the season ends.

Strawberry Picking Farms Near Seoul

One of the best ways to experience the strawberry season - aside from eating seasonal specials - is to go strawberry picking! There are strawberry farms all over South Korea, with the main region being near Nonsan. However, if you won't be making a trip out to Nonsan and will primarily be staying in Seoul, there are definitely options for strawberry picking around Seoul.

In particular, Namyangju, located within the Gyeonggi province right next to Seoul has a fair share of strawberry farms that you can choose from. There are also many day tours from Seoul offering strawberry picking experiences in Namyangju! These tours typically combine nearby attractions like Nami Island or Garden of Morning Calm.

If you don't want to go on a tour, you can also choose to go strawberry picking yourself. Read on for three strawberry farms around Seoul that you can consider for a half-day strawberry experience!

1. Saemmul Strawberry Farm (샘물딸기농장)

Saemmul Strawberry Farm is located in Namyangju, located within the Gyeonggi province. Namyangju is a popular destination for a day-trip from Seoul due to its close proximity to Seoul, and is a great option for those looking to take a break from the bustling city of Seoul.

Strawberry Picking
Source: Sammul Farm

To get to the farm on public transport, take the subway to Ungilsan Station (Gyeongui-Jungang Line) and walk to the farm. The subway journey will take about an hour, and the walk from the subway station to the farm takes around 20 mins, but you’ll get some pretty sights along the stroll. Remember to first download Naver Map or Kakao Map to help you navigate, as Google Maps doesn't work well in South Korea!

There are three strawberry picking sessions daily, at 11.00am, 2.00pm, and 3.00pm. It costs 18,000KRW for those aged 8 and above, 15,000KRW for children aged 2-7, and free entry for those below 2 years. You can pick about 500g of strawberries, and also have the option to take part in a strawberry jam experience (where you make your own strawberry jam!) at an additional cost.

Reservations are required, and make sure to inform the farm if you want to also try the strawberry jam experience. You can make reservations via phone at 010-3005-8621 - we recommend that you get your hotel to help you make your reservation when you arrive, as the communication is primarily in Korean.

2. Ahtti Children Strawberry Farm (아띠딸기체험농장)

Also located in Namyangju, Ahtti Children Strawberry Farm is one of the cheaper farms in the area, where it costs only 13,000KRW for those aged 8 and above. You will get to pick about 500g of strawberries.

Source: Haneum Farm

The farm has two experiential sessions daily at 11am and 2pm. Like most other farms, aside from simply picking strawberries, you will also have the option to try out other strawberry experiences at an additional cost. One of the unique experiences offered at the Ahtti Children Strawberry Farm is the chance to make a strawberry pizza. Whether or not strawberries make a good pizza topping is a debate for another time.

To get to the farm via public transport, you can take the subway (Gyeonggi-Jungang line) to Ungilsan station and transfer to a bus (line 58 or 88-3) from exit 2 of the station. Take the bus for 4 stops - the bus will stop right in front of the farm.

The experiences here are designed primarily for children, and young children are sure to really enjoy themselves! But not to worry - while it is called a children strawberry farm, adults are welcome too!

Advanced reservations are required, and you can make the reservations online. Note that the interface is mostly in Korean, so you might need to use a machine translation tool or plug-in to help you navigate the site. Alternatively, you can give them a call at 010-3092-1683 (get your hotel to help!) or drop them an email at udt5935946@hanmail.net.

3. Gossi Farm (고씨농원)

Located in Incheon, Gossi Farm is one of the most convenient strawberry farms to get to from Seoul. You can hop onto the AREX or Subway Line 1 to get from Seoul to Gyeyang Station — the farm is located right in front of the subway station!

Gossi Farm
Source: Gossi Farm

This year, the strawberry experience starts from 16 December. As of writing of this guide, the detailed schedules and prices for this year's experience have not been decided. But as a reference, last year's prices were at 30,000KRW for 1kg of strawberries.

Gossi Farm also offers other experiences at an additional charge. Not only can you make your own strawberry jam, you can also have a go at making strawberry fondue or strawberry cupcakes! Advanced reservations are required. To make a reservation, simply drop the farm a DM via their Instagram account!

Strawberry Picking Etiquette

While you are enjoying your strawberry picking experience, remember to respect and follow some of the strawberry picking etiquette:

  • You cannot eat the strawberries as you pluck them.
  • Bring a small bag with you to avoid accidentally hitting the strawberries with your big backpacks!
  • Don't squeeze the strawberries.
  • Once you've touched the strawberries, you should pick it!
  • Don't run around the farm or enter restricted areas.

Note that most of these farms are small family businesses, and while they offer strawberry experiences for tourists, most of them do not speak English fluently. The farm owners will try their to teach you how to choose the strawberries and the technique for picking them, but don't expect an extensive guide or tour of the farm!