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Jul 09, 2023

Saved me on vacation❤️

I had bought eSim from Airalo which broke down suddenly and i wasnt able to reach their support for more than 2 days, but luckily I was able to get working eSim from here which literally saved me. Thank you so so much you got a new loyal customer now.🫶

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Jan 05, 2023

So easy and useful!!

I went on a trip to Japan and was looking for data SIMs and found Nomad. The reviews looked great so I tried it. It was amazing!! First the setup is easy as long as your phone supports eSIMs. The service was great and it was cheaper than finding a data SIM or mobile hotspot. I had 4G speed for the whole trip. I would highly recommend using Nomad as it is affordable and easy to setup. You also have many choices for the amount of data or carrier you want to choose. I will definitely use their service again on my next international trip.

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Jul 15, 2023

Convenient esim

I used Nomad during my visit to Singapore and was impressed by its seamless performance. It provided me with uninterrupted internet access, making my trip hassle-free.

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Jun 19, 2023

Really great service

I have free international data with my US phone carrier but it’s SOOOOOO slow. Nomad solved that for me. 10 days in Australia and I paid $11 for normal speeds. It was totally worth it. Great customer service too, as I purchased an additional plan accidentally and they refunded me with no questions. Would definitely use again.

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