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Best Apps To Download Before Your Next Trip in 2024

These apps will make traveling easier for you!

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Embarking on a journey, whether it's a spontaneous weekend getaway or a meticulously planned international escapade, requires more than just a suitcase and a passport. Today, there are many apps that will help you to travel easier, streamlining your adventures and bringing you more convenience on your next trip. Here's a curated list of travel apps that you should download before your next trip.


Transportation and Navigation

Getting around in foreign countries are some of the biggest pain points for travelers. After all, the transport system and services differ from country to country.

While there is no one single app that can definitely work in all countries, here are some of the apps that you should download to help you get around.

1. Maps: Google Maps usually works - but you might sometimes need alternatives

Google Maps is a traveler's best friend, offering real-time navigation and public transport information, local business information, and even offline maps.

Google Maps integrates with public transport systems across an extensive list of destinations, allowing users to easily navigate and get around.

However, it is important to note that Google Maps may not be available in all destinations. For example, if you are traveling to China, you wouldn't be able to use Google Maps. And if you are traveling to South Korea, Google Maps really isn't the most reliable.

Be sure to check out the destination that you are traveling to and check Google Maps' availability and coverage at that destination. Often, where Google Maps does not have good coverage, there are other alternatives that you can use:

  • If you are traveling to China, use Apple Maps instead. Or you can use local maps like Baidu maps, but they are only available with a Chinese interface.
  • If you are traveling to South Korea, use Kakao Maps or Naver Maps. English interface is available

2. Moovit: Best for figuring out transportation

Moovit is a great option to help you figure out how to get around. This app offers tourists a one-stop shop journey experience to help them go from point A to point B in the quickest and most efficient way possible. You can easily get train and bus timings, maps, and real-time arrival information so you can plan your trip with certainty.

Moovit is available in more than 112 countries worldwide, and provides information of most local transit options.

3. Rideshare apps: There are a lot of them. Find out which one is for you!

The thing about rideshare apps is that there are so many of them — and none of them really work globally.

Depending on where you travel to, the local rideshare app that is used could be different.

For example, if you are in the US, you can use Uber and Lyft. But once you enter Southeast Asia, Grab is what you are looking for. Of course, there are also many other alternatives, so be sure to check out what services are used at your destination.

If you are planning a trip to Asia, we have a list of some of the best transport apps to use.

It is also recommended to also check local taxi apps instead of simply relying on ride-sharing! In some places, it could be easier (and also cheaper!) to get a taxi instead of using a ride-share.

Language Apps

1. Google Lens and Google Translate: They are life-savers

It could be intimidating navigating a new destination if you cannot understand the local language. But fret not - Google Translate is your best friend.

Type in a word or phrase into the input box to get it translated into your preferred language. Google Translate is versatile, supporting over fifty languages.

Another valuable feature provided by Google Translate is the ability to translate text directly using your phone's camera. This is a very useful feature if you are visiting a destination with a different writing system and you have no idea how to enter or type that word in the input box.

It is also very beneficial for understanding transportation information, restaurant details, or even menus!

Finances and Spending

1. Splitwise: No more 'common fund'

If you have travelled with a group of friends, you might have had the experience of having to pool money together to build a 'common fund'. Elect an 'accountant for the trip' who will take care of that common fund and make all payments for group spendings.

With Splitwise, you can now do away with the common fund and take the stress away from a single person.

You can create a trip on Splitwise and add your friends to that group. After each payment, simply add the expenditure amount on the app and indicate who paid for it. Splitwise will split the total expenditure and you can get an overview of how much money you owe each other, making it much easier for you to settle and track your expenses.

2. Xe currency converter: Useful when your math fails you

Currency conversion is sometimes a pain, especially when you have to divide or multiply by some odd factor or when the number gets too huge for you to easily manipulate.

Downloading a currency converter can help you to easily calculate the cost of your purchase, and help you make better decisions on your spending.

Sure, you can also do the conversion by simply entering it on Google - but having a currency converter app will definitely make it much more convenient. Also, in case you are unable to get a stable network, Xe currency converter works offline too!


1. Nomad: Best Travel eSIM app for seamless connectivity

In today's world, it is probably hard to imagine life without being connected to the internet — unless you are planning a digital detox.

Staying connected when you travel used to be very expensive and troublesome, but that no longer needs to be the case.

Get a travel eSIM with Nomad, and skip the hassle of having to change out your SIM cards when you travel. With Nomad you can get a prepaid data plan at local rates in over 165 countries worldwide! Also, we have regional plans if you are traveling to multiple countries.

Downloading the Nomad app will make it easier for you to track your data usage, and in case you are running out of data, simply purchase an add-on to get more data or extend the eSIM's validity!

With Nomad, staying connected while traveling does not need to be expensive nor difficult.