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Nomad's Day Plans: What are they and how do they work?

Choose how much high-speed data you need each day!

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If you are shopping for eSIMs for your next trip, you might have encountered the option of getting a **Day Plan** with Nomad. Are you wondering what day plans are, and how they differ from the regular or unlimited plans that you might be more familiar with? Let's explore more about Nomad's Day Plans in this blog!


What is a Nomad Day Plan?

As its name suggests, a day plan is one where your plan is primarily driven by duration, rather than data volume.

When purchasing a day plan, your primary consideration would be the length of your trip and how much high-speed data you might need per-day, rather than the total amount of data you will need during your trip.

How does Nomad's Day Plans work?

When you buy a day plan from Nomad, you will get to choose the duration of your plan, and the amount of high-speed data you need on each day. Your high-speed data allowance will reset at the end of each day (counted as 24 hours from the time of activation).

When you have exhausted your high-speed data allowance for the day, you can still continue using the internet, but at a throttled speed of 512kbps — while 512kbps might not be enough for you to smoothly stream or surf your social media content, it is possible for you to still carry out basic activities like sending of messages. You will also be able to use your maps for navigation, though loading might be slower.

How are day plans different from Nomad's regular plans?

There is inherently no difference in how you install and activate your eSIM - what is different is how your data allowance and plan is structured.

Data allowance

With a regular plan, you will get a fixed volume of data allowance that you can use within the validity of the plan. As long as your plan is still valid, and you have not consumed the full quota of your data plan, you will be able to continue enjoying the data from your eSIM plan. There will be no throttling of speed throughout the duration of the plan.

Conversely, with a day plan, you will choose how much data you need each day. The high-speed data allowance is calculated on a daily basis, and the allowance will reset at the end of each day. If you have exhausted your daily high-speed data allowance, you will still be able to use data at a slower speed of 512kbps.


Nomad's regular plans come with a fixed validity, and they are often also valid for a longer duration, with validity being up to 30 days.

On the other hand, for day plans, you get to choose the duration of your plan, so you could select a plan that is suitable for the length of your trip. However, the available options are usually for a shorter duration (10 days or less).

Are day plans essentially the same as unlimited data plans?

Well, in a way, yes, you do get unlimited data with day plans. The catch is that there is a quota on how much high-speed data you get to use per-day.

This isn't unlike most unlimited plans that are currently already available in the market, where you are subject to the fair-use policy of the provider and your data will be throttled after a threshold is reached.

However, the difference is that with Nomad's day plans, we also offer you the option to decide for yourself how much high-speed data you might need each day.

1GB per day is often more than enough for an average traveler. But, if you are a heavy data user, you have the option of getting 2GB, or even 3GB, of high-speed data per day (in select countries). And, if you are someone who doesn't use that much data, there is also the option of simply getting a 500MB per-day option.

When should I get a day plan?

If you are unsure if you need a day plan or a regular plan, there are a few questions to help you decide:

  • How long is your trip? If you are going on longer trips, the regular plan would be more suitable for you given its longer validity. For shorter trips, day plans could be a possible option.
  • Do you know how much data you need? If you are someone who is confident about how much data you might need throughout the length of your trip, a regular plan would be a great choice. But, if you are not sure how much data you will need in total, consider getting a day plan instead. With a day plan, even if you do end up exhausting your daily high-speed quota, you will still be able to stay connected, allowing you to at least navigate and keep in touch with your friends and families. The day plans will give a peace of mind to those who do not have the habit of tracking your data usage.

Get Nomad's day plans on your next trip!

Nomad's day plans are currently available in 18 destinations worldwide, with prices from as low as $1.10/day:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Singapore
  • China
  • Turkey
  • France
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Japan
  • Italy
  • Australia
  • Taiwan
  • South Korea
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • Greece

The networks that Nomad's eSIMs use for each plan are stated on the plan details on the web store and apps, so you can check which networks are supported before buying your plan. Data sharing and tethering is also supported on Nomad's day plans, but do take note that data sharing will consume your high-speed data quota.

Nomad also has a 24-hour customer support team. So, in the event where you face difficulties while using your eSIM, rest assured there will be someone available to help you resolve your issues!