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Introducing Nomad's eSIM solution for Businesses

Easy management and distribution of eSIMs for businesses

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In today's globalized business landscape, maintaining constant connectivity is paramount for the success of enterprises. International business trips often come with the hassle of managing mobile data, dealing with expensive roaming fees, and the inconvenience of purchasing local SIM cards. Also associated with international business trips are the overhead of managing administrative matters such as claims processing. If you are a business looking for a solution to streamline connectivity for your employees, look no further than Nomad's eSIM solution for businesses!

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Nomad's eSIM Solution for Businesses

Nomad's eSIM solution for Enterprise is designed to address the challenges faced by businesses when it comes to providing seamless mobile data connectivity for their employees during their business travels.

Nomad's eSIM for businesses allow admin user(s) to centrally manage an inventory of eSIMs, and to easily distribute these eSIMs to their employees who are traveling for business. With Nomad's enterprise solution, businesses can save corporate travel costs associated with data roaming, employees no longer need to source for their own connectivity solutions, and overheads related to processing of connectivity-related travel expenditure is greatly reduced.

Why your business should use Nomad's eSIM solution for enterprises

  1. Global Connectivity: Nomad's eSIM Enterprise Solution offers global coverage, ensuring that your employees stay connected no matter where their business trips take them. With support for various networks in over 165 destinations worldwide, Nomad's eSIM enables users to enjoy reliable and high-speed mobile data services in multiple countries.
  2. Cost-Efficient: Say goodbye to exorbitant roaming fees. Nomad's eSIM Enterprise Solution provides cost-efficient mobile data plans tailored to the specific needs of businesses. By eliminating the need for traditional roaming, enterprises can significantly reduce their mobile communication expenses.
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  1. Convenient Web Portal: The Nomad eSIM Enterprise Web Portal serves as a centralized platform for businesses to manage their eSIMs effortlessly. Companies can purchase eSIMs, assign them to employees, monitor usage, and generate invoices all from a single place. This user-friendly interface simplifies the administrative tasks associated with managing mobile connectivity. Administrators can invite other individuals to co-manage the platform, enabling better collaboration and efficiency.
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  1. Effortless Employee Onboarding: With Nomad's eSIM Enterprise Solution, onboarding employees for mobile connectivity becomes a breeze. The system allows swift assignment of eSIMs to individual employees, ensuring that they have access to mobile data right from the start of their business travels.
  2. Real-Time Data Usage Monitoring: Stay in control of your mobile data expenses with Nomad's real-time usage monitoring feature. The Enterprise Web Portal enables administrators to track data consumption, helping businesses optimize their data plans and avoid unexpected costs.
  3. Receipt Generation: Nomad's eSIM Enterprise Solution streamlines the billing process by offering an automated invoice generation system. Businesses can easily track expenses and allocate costs, ensuring transparency and accountability in mobile data usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can Nomad help me save costs on corporate travel? Using Nomad's eSIMs can help your business to save up to 75% of data costs as compared to traditional roaming. It also helps you to reduce logistical overheads associated with physical SIM card purchase, distribution, and associated administrative tasks.
  2. Is there a pre-requisite for my employees to use Nomad's eSIM? An eSIM-compatible device is required to use an eSIM. It is also important to note that the device cannot be carrier-locked.
  3. Can my employees still use their business number while using Nomad's eSIM? Yes, they can! They can still use their business number to make calls and send SMSes, even while relying on Nomad's eSIM for their data needs.
  4. How much is Nomad's eSIM solution for businesses? Reach out to us through this form on our web store to get a quote.

Get onboard the Nomad eSIM solution for businesses

Are you a business looking for an eSIM solution for your employees? If you are interested in finding out more about Nomad's eSIM solution for enterprise, simply arrange for a demo with us.