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Odaiba's latest entertainment option: Immersive Fort Tokyo

An indoor theme park unlike others.

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As it stands, Odaiba is a prime entertainment destination with many options suitable for families. Although teamLab Borderless has moved out of Odaiba to its new location at Azabudai Hills, Odaiba still has plenty to offer — from the life-sized Gundam statue to the indoor theme park Joypolis and Odaiba seaside park. And, the latest addition to its offerings: the Immersive Fort Tokyo.

Source: Immersive Fort Tokyo

What is Immersive Fort Tokyo?

Opened in March 2024, the Immersive Fort Tokyo is a new entertainment facility in Odaiba. It took over the previous Venus Fort Shopping Mall (where the previous teamLab Borderless was located), and transformed the compound into an immersive, indoor theme park.

Source: Immersive Fort Tokyo

Visitors to the Immersive Fort Tokyo will find themselves walking into familiar IPs like Tokyo Revengers, Sherlock Holmes, or Jack the Ripper — as you venture through these attractions, you are no longer just a spectator, but rather, an active participant in these stories.

Attractions, Shows, and Experiences at Immersive Fort Tokyo

There are currently 12 attractions and experiences open at the Immersive Fort Tokyo, and a 13th one is scheduled to open on 19th July 2024.

These attractions include familiar IPs like Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper, and Identity V. There is also a Cabaret experience, and you will also be able to see popular anime titles like Tokyo Revengers and Oshi no Ko. The latest addition to this list of attractions is an experience based off the popular Netflix production, Alice in Borderland.

Source: Immersvie Fort Tokyo

Each of these experiences are themed and scripted based on the original work it is inspired from. Whether it is solving of puzzles, escaping from mazes, or simply enjoying a show, there is a lot for you to explore and experience.

Of course, you can also find themed shops and restaurants at the Immersive Fort Tokyo in case you wanted to pick up some merchandise or grab a bite.

Should you go to the Immersive Fort Tokyo?

The Immersive Fort Tokyo has only recently opened its doors and we do expect that more attractions will be added along the way.

However, as it currently stands, the Immersive Fort Tokyo isn’t overly crowded (unlike many other places in Tokyo) and it is a good time to visit before the crowds start to form.

It is an interesting and different experience for sure, with very professional performers and staff - but it isn’t cheap.

There are a few things to note when deciding if you would want to experience the Immersive Fort Tokyo:

  • Most of the performances are Japanese-only and you might not be able to fully enjoy or appreciate the experiences if you do not understand Japanese. But, if any of these featured IPs are of interest to you, then you probably really should check it out.
  • Some of the attractions are paid attractions - meaning it isn’t covered in the general 1-day pass access. Expect queues for those that are included in the 1-day pass access. VIP tickets are available for you to enjoy shorter queues, but be mindful that the total cost of the experience can quickly add-up.
  • You are unlikely going to be able to experience everything, so pick and choose carefully which ones you want to prioritise. This will also help you plan your expenses better.
  • It is all indoors, so if you're caught in wet weather, this could be another option for you to consider!
Source: Immersive Fort Tokyo

Getting tickets for Immersive Fort Tokyo

You can get your tickets for Immersive Fort Tokyo directly from their website or from Klook - prices and terms are the same on both platforms, though Klook supports payments in more currencies. There will not be any on-site sale of tickets.

Alternatively, if you are planning to visit many ticketed attractions in Tokyo, consider getting the Greater Tokyo Klook Pass to enjoy greater savings.