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Guide to Luggage Storage Around Taipei Main Station

And some handy alternatives in case you need more options

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With your hotels all checked out, but you still have half a day (or even a full day) to explore the city, what do you do? Perhaps you might choose to leave your luggage at the hotel lobby while you explore, and to return to pick it up again later. But, if your hotel isn't conveniently located, that might not always be the best option. Or, if you had booked an Airbnb, chances are you wouldn't be able to deposit your luggage there unless you booked an additional night. And that's where we find the importance of luggage storage.

If you are in Taipei, and looking for a luggage storage service, this guide has got you covered.

Types of luggage storage services in Taiwan

There are two main types of luggage storage services in Taiwan:

  • Locker storage
  • Storage at a luggage room

Locker storages are self-service, and operate round the clock. They can be found in multiple metro stations in Taipei city. The luggage rooms are manned by a staff, and can usually only be found at the TRA stations in all cities.

Where to find luggage storage lockers at Taipei Main Station

If you are flying out of Taiwan, chances are that you will be heading to the airport using the Taoyuan Airport Metro Line that departs from the Taipei Main Station. If you will be checking out of your hotel early, and looking for a place to store your luggages, storing them at Taipei Main Station is a great option.

Taipei Main Station

Taipei Main Station is a maze, and it is extremely easy to get lost in there. But the good news is that it is very easy to find luggage storage lockers at Taipei Main Station.

  • Head to level B1 nearer to the Red line (Tamsui-Xinyi line), where the entrances to the HSR and TRA trains are. The layout of the Taipei Main Station where the HSR and TRA trains are is a square, you can just walk one round around - there are lockers located all around.
  • Otherwise, from level B1, head towards exit R1 near Zhongshan Underground Mall. There are lockers situated there as well.
  • Alternatively, from the Zhongshan Underground Mall, head to Q-Square. There are lockers available at that entrance to Q-square that you can utilise. In fact, there are also lockers available at the other levels of Q-square, so you can check that out as well.
  • If lockers at the main station are all full, go towards the Taoyuan Airport Line. Lockers are also available near the entrance of the Taoyuan Airport Line. There are fewer lockers here as compared to the ones near the HSR lines, so we would recommend that you check the ones near the HSR line first.
Zhongshan Locker
Lockers near Zhongshan Underground Mall | Source: Yahoo Taiwan

Tips for getting a luggage storage locker at Taipei Main Station

  • Head there early. We recommend that you deposit your luggage before 11am. You might be thinking of waiting till check-out time before heading to the main station to deposit your luggage. Unfortunately, chances are that the lockers will be fully occupied by the time you get there.
  • After you get a locker, we recommend that you take a photo of the locker cabinets that you use. With how confusing Taipei Main Station is, it is easy to forget which locker you used.
  • It will be useful to have some coins with you (or you can use your transport card for payments as well).

How to use a luggage storage locker

The luggage storage lockers are easy to use.

  1. Find an empty locker.
  2. There will be a screen at each set of lockers. On the screen, choose the locker that you will be using, and put your items into the locker.
  3. Make your first payment and close the locker door. You will get a receipt with your locker code.
  4. When you want to retrieve your items, go back to the same set of lockers.
  5. Choose your locker number, enter your code, and make payment. Once successful, your locker will open automatically.
Taipei locker

The luggage storage lockers are charged in time-blocks. You will have to make an initial payment of 60NTD which will cover the first three hours. When you reopen the locker to take your items, you will have to then pay the excess. The rates are at 10NTD per hour for the smaller lockers, and 20NTD per hour for the bigger ones.

Where to find the luggage storage room at Taipei Main Station

Now, if all the lockers are fully occupied, you can also go to the luggage storage room at Taipei Main Station. The luggage storage room is cheaper, where a flat fee of up to 70NTD is charged per item per day. This is also a good option in case you have oversized luggages that cannot fit into the lockers.

However, it is important to note that this luggage storage room closes at 8pm everyday, and it is not located within the main station. That means that if your flight is late at night and you will need to have your luggage stored till a later time, this might not be a suitable service for you. In addition, if weather conditions are bad and it is raining, it could be a hassle.

Taipei Luggage Room
Source: Google Reviews

To get to the luggage storage room:

  • From the first floor of the main hall of the Taipei Main Station (basically above the HSR entrances), head to exit East 3.
  • Exit the main station, and cross the zebra crossing.
  • Walk along the red pedestrian pathway until you reach the luggage storage room.

What are my other options?

If the luggage storage room is not suitable for your needs, and if the luggage storage lockers are fully occupied, there are other options that you can consider:

  • Deposit your luggage at lockers available at the basement (near the exit to the underground mall) or first floor (near the exits) of Q-square.
  • Deposit your luggage at luggage storage lockers at other metro stations in Taipei city
  • Deposit your luggage at luggage storage lockers at other metro stations along the Taoyuan Airport line
Taoyuan Metro Lockers
Source: Taoyuan Metro

Luggage storage lockers at other metro stations are less likely to be fully occupied, but for the best bet, we would choose to deposit our luggages at another station along the Taoyuan Airport line.

It might be a bit of a hassle depositing your luggage at other stations - since you might need to make an additional stop to pick up your luggage.

Below is a list of metro stations that also have luggage storage lockers, ranked from the most convenient to the least, assuming you are heading off to the Taoyuan International airport after that:

  • Beimen Station, near the entrance to Taoyuan Airport Line
  • Zhongshan Station (Exit 1)
  • Ximen Station (Exit 2 or Exit 5)
  • Sanchong Station (on the Taoyuan Airport Line)
  • New Taipei Industrial Park Station (on the Taoyuan Airport Line)
  • Taipei 101 / Expo Station (Exit 2 or Exit 4)
  • Zhongxiao Fuxing Station
  • Zhongxiao Dunhua Station (Exit 5)
  • Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall Station (Exit 2)
  • Xinzhuang Fuduxin Station (on the Taoyuan Airport Line)
  • National Taiwan Sports University Station (on the Taoyuan Airport Line)
  • Zhongzheng Memorial Hall Station (Exit 6)
  • Gongguan Station (Exit 2)
  • Yuanshan Station (Exit 2)
  • Jiantan Station (Exit 1, 2)
  • XiangShan Station
  • Shilin Station (Exit 1)
  • Banqiao Station (Exit 3A)
  • Da-an Forest Park Station (Exit 5)
  • Nangang Exhibition Hall Station
  • Changgeng Hospital Station (on the Taoyuan Airport Line)
  • Linkou Station (on the Taoyuan Airport Line)
  • Beitou Station
  • New Beitou Station
  • Xindian Station
  • Songshan Station (Exit 5)
  • Fuzhong Station
  • Taipei Zoo Station
  • Xinpu Station