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Collectors' Guide: Where to buy action figures and toys in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the best places in Asia to shop for toys!

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Action figure collecting has evolved from a mere hobby to a passionate pursuit for enthusiasts around the world. Hong Kong, alongside Japan, has long been one of the most popular destinations in Asia for toy collectors. If you are a collector and planning to visit Hong Kong for the first time, here are some places you should definitely check out!

Tips for Toy Shopping in Hong Kong

  • The shops usually only open in the afternoon to early evening.
  • Independent shops rarely adhere to the official opening hours. Check out the general opening hours, but also be prepared that the shops might not be open until a little later.
  • Many shops sell similar items. Spend some time shopping before making your purchase - you might be able to find the same item at a cheaper price just down the lane!
  • Watch out for bootlegs - especially if you are getting from an independent store.

1. Hot Toys

If you are a collector of Marvel, Star Wars, or DC action figures, chances are that you will be very familiar with Hot Toys. Given Hot Toys is a Hong Kong production house, if you are a collector of Hot Toys' figures, you wouldn't want to miss this chance to check out their official stores.

Source: Harbour City

Hot Toys has a few stores in Hong Kong - namely Secret Base at Sino Centre in Mong Kok, Echo Base in at Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay, and the latest Rebel Base at Ocean Terminal Harbour City.

Their flagship store, Secret Base, primarily offers pre-orders and you wouldn't be able to buy anything directly. If you are looking to pick up some figures while you are there, head to Echo Base or Rebel Base instead. Look out also for store-exclusives at Echo Base and Rebel Base!

2. Sino Centre

If you are primarily into anime merchandise or figurines, head over to Sino Centre in Mong Kok. Sino Centre is an entire building full of anime and gaming merchandise.

Source: Timeout

At the lower floors, you will be able to find many stores selling the latest PlayStation or Xbox titles. As you head to the upper floors, you will start to see a wide range of anime collectibles, ranging from gachas, blind boxes, acrylic stands, to large-scale figurines.

You will be able to find plenty of older figurines and goods, though you might have to do a bit of digging. There will also be shops running kujis if you would like to try your luck.

It is important to note that Sino Centre has its share of bootleg items, so keep your eyes open and make sure to check the items before buying. Another thing to note is that most of the shop owners are not the friendliest (which also holds true to the nature of most shops in Hong Kong), so brace yourself for that!

3. In's Point

In's Point, also located in Mong Kok, is a must-go if you are a fan of Lego or Gunpla.

In's Point is similar to Sino Centre in that it has many individual shops, and you might need to plough through a couple of shops to find the best deal. But instead of anime and gaming merchandise, In's Point specialises in Lego and Gunpla sets.

Source: East Bounder

Aside from building sets, you will also be able to find vintage items and niche collectibles here. There are also a few shops that sell anime merchandise, but in much less variety than you would find at Sino Centre.

4. Toyzone

If you are open to collecting second-hand figures and toys, head to Toyzone at Smiling Shau Kei Wan Plaza.

Source: Toyzone Facebook Page

Toyzone has a large variety of toys - ranging from children's toys to Gundam kits and Hot Toys figures. You will be able to find rare items that might no longer be available elsewhere - but be prepared to have to scour through a lot of different items.

Toyzone is a little out of the way and not the most accessible, but there is a trove of treasure to be discovered there!

5. Windsor House

If you prefer something more organised, Windsor House would probably be your preferred choice. Located at Causeway Bay, Windsor House is a shopping mall that has a high concentration of toy shops.

Source: Geek Culture

Unlike Sino Centre or In's Point, Windsor House is a lot more organised and much less claustrophobic. You also do not have to worry as much about picking up bootlegs there, though the prices might be slightly higher.

The individual toy shops at Windsor House are fairly specialised, and you will find a smaller variety of items as compared to the other places on the list — but it will be a more pleasant shopping experience.