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Best eSIMs to get for your next trip to Australia

Your options for getting a tourist eSIM for Australia

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Are you heading to Australia to escape the winter this year-end? If that is exactly what you are doing, and are currently looking for the best travel eSIM to help you stay connected during your time down under, look no further. We've got you covered with a list of best eSIMs for Australia.

Sydney eSIMs

Which local telco in Australia provides eSIMs for tourists?

There are many telcos that operate in Australia, but the three biggest operators are Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone. Of the three, Telstra is commonly accepted to be the best in terms of coverage and stability. All three telcos offer eSIMs for their pre-paid plans.

Of the three providers, Optus is the only provider that has a tourist plan. However, as a tourist, you don't have to restrict your options to just the Optus tourist plan. It is possible to get a pre-paid Australian eSIM from any of the three providers.

How much is a prepaid eSIM in Australia and how much data do I get?

All providers offer a variety of data plans for Australia, and you can find one suitable for your needs. For ease of comparison, we will take a look at the different prices and data allowances for plans that are similar in price:

It is important to note that these prices and allowances are inclusive of the first-time bonus data that is offered on the first recharge of your plan. Subsequent recharges may result in lower data allowances.

How do I get a prepaid eSIM in Australia?

The way to get a prepaid eSIM varies from telco to telco.

How to get a prepaid eSIM from Optus?

You will have to download the My Optus app on your eSIM-enabled phone and purchase your eSIM via the app. Select the plan that you want, and you will have to prepare a copy of your passport for identity verification. You will receive installation and activation instructions thereafter.

How to get a prepaid eSIM from Telstra?

To get a prepaid eSIM from Telstra, the process is similar to Optus. Download the My Telstra app on your eSIM-enabled phone and purchase your plans via the app. Note that you will also have to prepare a copy of your passport for identity verifications.

How to get a prepaid eSIM from Vodafone

With Vodafone, it is slightly more complicated. You wouldn't be able to get your eSIM online for a pre-paid plan. To get an eSIM for a pre-paid plan in Australia, you will need to head to a physical store to get it done.

Best Travel eSIMs for Australia: Nomad vs Airalo vs Holafly

Instead of getting a prepaid eSIM from a local telco, another option would be for you to get a travel eSIM for Australia. Providers of travel eSIMs tap on local networks internationally to provide data and connectivity for travellers.

Let's take a look at some of the providers of travel eSIMs for Australia to find out which is the best. For a fair comparison, we will assume that the data usage of an average traveler over a 5-day trip is approximately 5GB.

1. Nomad

Network: Telstra

Price: Variety of plans ranging from 1GB to 50GB. USD12 (~AUD19) for 5GB.

Although Nomad's prices are slightly higher than the other two providers on this list, Nomad is the only provider that offers connectivity on the Telstra network, which offers the best network in Australia. For a 5-day trip, Nomad is also the most cost-effective of the three options.

2. Airalo

Network: Optus

Price: Variety of plans ranging from 1GB to 20GB. USD12.50 (~AUD19.50) for 5GB of data.

Airalo also offers a wide range of data plans, with their largest data pack being 20GB of data for USD40 (or AUD62). For a 5GB data plan, Airalo offers packages at USD12.50, which is just slightly steeper than that of Nomad. They tap on the Optus network, which also provides decent coverage, although its coverage is not as wide as that of Telstra.

3. Holafly

Network: Optus

Price: Offers unlimited data. USD19 (~AUD30) for 5 days of unlimited data.

For heavy data users, Holafly offers unlimited data plans for varying periods. For 5 days of unlimited data, that will put you at USD19 (~AUD30), making it the least cost-efficient of the three options if you were just an average data user.

Why should I get a travel eSIM instead of a local prepaid eSIM for Australia?

  • More convenient, no identity checks: Travel eSIMs are often a good alternative to local telcos as they provide more convenience, allowing you to purchase your eSIMs before your trip, and often without having to go through any identity checks.
  • You don't have to download an app if you don't want to To get an eSIM from any of the local operators in Australia, you will need to either download their app or head to local stores. If you don't want to download an additional app, providers of travel eSIMs allow you to easily purchase a travel eSIM for Australia from their web store.
  • More cost-effective Although a local prepaid eSIM provides you a much larger data packet at a lower price-per-GB cost, if you are just a short-term traveler, you probably don't need that much data. Getting a travel eSIM would open up the options for you to get lower data packs that are closer to your actual needs, at a lower total cost than if you were to get a local prepaid eSIM. Of course, if you will be staying in Australia for a longer period of time, then a local prepaid eSIM might be a better option all things considered.

Get your Nomad travel eSIM for Australia

Nomad provides a variety of eSIM data plans for Australia with different data volumes at affordable rates from as low as USD1.93/GB, while staying connected to Australia's best network operator!

It's easy to get a Nomad eSIM. Simply create an account on the Nomad Web Store or iOS/Android apps, find a plan that is suitable for your needs, and proceed with the check out! Upon successful purchase, you will receive an email that includes the installation and activation instructions for your plan.

Note that since you will need a stable internet connection to purchase and install your eSIM, it is advised to buy your eSIM before you fly, so that you don't have to worry about not getting connectivity at the airport after landing.