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Best Travel eSIM for Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand

Travel across all 3 countries with a single eSIM!

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Southeast Asia remains a popular travel region for many international travelers. It is not uncommon for travelers to make multiple stops on a trip into the region; and for those within Southeast Asia, many would choose to take a short trip to a neighbouring country for a weekend getaway. As Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand continue to be some of the most popular travel destinations for both business and leisure, travelers are now seeking options to seamlessly stay connected as they traverse the borders.


1. Singtel Tourist eSIM

For traveling in the region, an option would be to get a tourist eSIM from Singtel. Singtel is a leading telco in Singapore, and their tourist eSIMs include roaming data in neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia.

Singtel's tourist eSIM options start from SGD 12 for 100GB of local 4G data in Singapore, and 3GB roaming data. If you are looking for options with 5G connectivity, there are options for 100GB of local 5G data and 5GB of roaming data for SGD 30; or 120GB of local 5G data and 10GB of roaming data for SGD 50.

You can buy the tourist eSIM from the Singtel website, but it is important to note that Singtel's tourist eSIMs require you to activate your eSIM using the Singtel Hi! App when you arrive in Singapore. That also essentially means that if Singapore is not your first stop on your trip, you are unlikely to be able to make use of this option.

2. Starhub Tourist eSIM

Starhub is one of the three major telcos in Singapore. Like Singtel, they also offer tourist eSIMs that include roaming data in neighbouring destinations.

Starhub's tourist eSIM is available at SGD 12 for 100 GB of local 4G data in Singapore. It also provides 3GB of data roaming to 20 destinations including Malaysia and Thailand.

To buy a tourist eSIM from Starhub, you can do so from the Starhub mobile app. Remember to have your passport with you for digital ID verification when purchasing the eSIM. Once your eSIM is installed, it will automatically activate when it connects to the Starhub network upon arrival in Singapore — meaning that you will need to make Singapore your first stop of your trip to use the Starhub tourist eSIM.

3. Travel eSIMs for Asia

Many providers of travel eSIMs offer regional eSIMs for Asia. These regional eSIMs typically allow you to travel across many major destinations in Asia using a single eSIM.

An advantage of using an eSIM from a travel eSIM provider is that it doesn't matter which country you arrive at first, and the eSIM can be activated as long as it connects to a destination that is included in the eSIM's coverage. Furthermore, as opposed to getting a tourist eSIM from a local provider (like Singtel or Starhub), travel eSIMs typically do not require you to provide any identity verification.

With regional travel eSIMs, the eSIM will automatically connect to the local providers as you travel across countries. You only need to install the eSIM once, and you can seamlessly stay connected while exploring the region.

Like most other providers, Nomad also offers regional plans for APAC which includes coverage for Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Alternatively, Nomad also has regional plans for the SEA-Oceania region, which includes the three destinations as well as other countries in the region.

4. Nomad's Travel eSIM for Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand

Asian eSIMs are great for traveling in the region, especially if you are visiting multiple countries. However, they include a wide range of countries — and you might not necessarily be visiting all of them.

If your trip includes only Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, the good news is that Nomad now has a smaller regional plan that includes only these three destinations. The SG-MY-TH regional plan covers only three destinations, but is priced cheaper than the APAC or SEA-Oceania region.

So, if you will only be visiting these 3 countries, or any 2 of these countries, getting the regional plan for Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand would help you to save costs on connectivity while traveling!

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Which networks does the travel eSIM for Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand work with?

Nomad's travel eSIM for Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand work with the leading networks locally. In Singapore, it uses the Singtel network; in Malaysia, it works with the Maxis network; and in Thailand, you can switch between AIS and DTAC network. 5G network is available in all three destinations.

Which countries are included in this plan?

Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Do you need to switch networks when you travel between countries?

No, you don't! Just like any other regional plan, the Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand travel eSIM plan will automatically connect to the partner network when you arrive at the destination. You simply need to install and activate your eSIM once, and it will do the rest for you.

What if I run out of data or if I need it for a longer period of time?

You can purchase an add-on before your eSIM expires or before you run out of data to extend its validity.