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Why eSIMs are great for your business travels

And why you should use Nomad's eSIMs

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As professionals embark on business trips, the need for reliable and seamless connectivity becomes even more crucial. For business travelers, where time is of essence, many would opt to activate international data roaming rather than to queue up at the booths at the airport to get a local SIM card. International data roaming is convenient, but it often chalks up hefty data charges. However, with the emergence of eSIMs, you now have cheaper and equally convenient options to helping you stay connected while on business travel!


Let's take a look at three main reasons why you should use an eSIM for business travels.

1. Cost efficiency and convenience

One of the primary reasons for using an eSIM for business travel would be the cost savings it can bring about as compared to international roaming. eSIMs provide a good balance between cost and convenience, allowing business travelers to stay connected at an affordable rate without compromising on convenience.

Travel eSIMs provide data and connectivity to travelers. While the data cost varies from provider to provider, they are often much cheaper than international roaming, allowing users to save up to 70% on data costs.

In fact, in some cases, getting a travel eSIM could even be cheaper than getting a local tourist SIM — the local tourist SIM plans sometimes include additional features like a local phone number, which you might not necessarily require on business travels.

Furthermore, travel eSIMs are easy to install. Simply scan your eSIM's installation QR code, download the eSIM profile and install the eSIM, and you are good to go! It's almost as convenient as activating international roaming, and all at a much cheaper cost!

2. Keep your business line active

A reason why some business travelers might opt to activate international roaming is because they need to keep their business line active. Staying contactable is essential, and they will need to be able to receive calls and messages on their business line.

With eSIMs, you can use the eSIM as a data source, all while keeping your business line active. Modern eSIM-compatible devices come with multi-SIM capability. That means that you would be able to use one SIM profile for calls, while using another for data.

If you are using an iPhone or any other phone with only one physical SIM slot, using eSIMs would allow you to keep your primary SIM card in your phone while still using your eSIM for data and connectivity. With an eSIM for your data needs, you don't have to worry about having to remove your physical SIM card from your device — which also means you can still receive calls and messages on that line, and you don't have to worry about potentially losing your SIM card.

But, while most devices allow you to have multiple eSIM profiles installed, most of them only allow up to 2 active SIM/eSIM profiles at any one time. That means to say that if you are currently using your personal line and business line on your device, you might have to deactivate one of those so that you can use the eSIM as your data source.

The good news though, is that it is easy to quickly switch between SIM profiles. You don't have to fumble with your physical SIM cards, and can easily switch the profiles just from your device settings.

3. Better cost visibility and budget forecasting

Travel eSIMs offer better visibility of costs, allowing you to better forecast your travel expenditure.

With traditional roaming that is typically on a pay-as-you-go model, how much you will eventually incur depends on how much data you actually use. To further complicate things, most telcos have roaming charges differentiated by destination - meaning your roaming charges could differ depending where you are traveling to.

Travel eSIM plans typically come with a fixed amount of data at a fixed cost; or in the case of unlimited plans, a fixed cost for a fixed duration. This visibility can help you to better plan your budgeting and expenses; and it could also help you to get a better estimate of how much data you can use while traveling.

Another benefit is that travel eSIM plans often come with options for regional plans. So, if you will be traveling to multiple destinations on a single trip (or within a certain period), you can use a single eSIM to help you stay connected as you travel. This allows you to share that data allowance across multiple destinations, and will help you better plan your expenditure over the entire course of your trips.

Why Nomad's eSIMs are a great choice for your business travel

Generally, eSIMs are a great connectivity option for business travels. But, if you are looking for the best eSIM for your business travel, Nomad is your answer.

In addition to the benefits eSIMs bring about, Nomad is very suitable for business travels because:

  • You can hotspot and tether: The ability to hotspot and tether is very important for business travels. You might not always get WiFi access - and if you ever need to use your laptop while on the move or at a presentation, the ability to hotspot and tether the data from your eSIM will come in very handy.
  • Reliable networks: Nomad works with the leading providers across 170+ destinations globally. In some destinations, Nomad's eSIMs work with multiple networks. In the event where you have issues with one network, you can choose to switch to a different network. Check the network list for each eSIM plan to find out which networks Nomad work with.
  • No additional VPN needed when in China: If you are traveling to China for business, the good news is that a Nomad eSIM will allow you to access your apps and websites without a need for a VPN service. Access your google accounts and emails just like you would at home.

Get your organisation onboard Nomad's portal for corporate eSIM management

If you are a corporate looking for a connectivity solution for your organisation, Nomad's eSIM solution for businesses might just be what you are looking for.

Nomad's eSIM solution for businesses allow organisations to bulk purchase eSIMs, and to centrally manage and distribute these eSIMs to employees that are traveling for business. Not only does it help to reduce costs of corporate travel, Nomad's admin portal can help businesses streamline operations of provisioning employees with connectivity while traveling.

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