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Nomad’s Travel Picks: November 2022

Check out these amazing events for November ‘22!

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If you are looking for your next travel destination in November, you’re in the right place! This month we have prepared for you some of the most fun and amazing events in the world in November. We hope you enjoy your next trip with Nomad.

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For November, we’re covering these 3 countries:

  • Qatar - FIFA World Cup, fun & music
  • Australia - music & art
  • Thailand - travelling, monkeys & elephants

1. Qatar

November is definitely about football this year! There are only 10 days left until the official start of the World Cup in Qatar. In addition to football, Qatar will be the centre of entertainment and good music for the next month. Whether you're travelling with family or friends, we're sure you'll enjoy your World Cup adventure.

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Source: https://www.fifa.com/
Source: https://www.fifa.com/

World Cup 2022 & more (November 20 - December 18)

Location: Doha

The excitement grows, there are less than two weeks left until probably the biggest event in the world of football, the World Cup in Qatar 2022!

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What is interesting is that the** **2022 World Cup will be played over eight stadiums in Qatar, the first Middle Eastern country to host the event**. The tournament's timing is largely influenced by the location this year. The World Cup is usually held in the summer. However, due to Qatar's sweltering summer, FIFA postponed the competition by several months.

Nomad Tip: The online Last Minute Sales Phase** is now live and will continue until the end of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on December 18th. We recommend you get your ticket as soon as possible!

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FIFA Fan Festival

Because of the tournament's compact nature, the FIFA Fan Festival during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be held for the first time at a single location - in the heart of Qatar, in the centre of Doha - at Al Bidda Park.

With practically all stadiums within walking distance of the FIFA Fan Festival, this will be the gathering spot in Doha for international and local fans to enjoy the FIFA World Cup. It will be a destination for all types of fans, from die-hard or casual football fans to music, food, and culture lovers!

The FIFA Fan Festival will be open every day of the tournament (from November 19 to December 18) and will be open to the public for free. It provides a variety of other entertainment highlights. Aside from watching all 64 FIFA World Cup matches in an exciting atmosphere, fans may also enjoy the following:

  • Top global music acts as well as local ones will perform.
  • A food court offering one-of-a-kind gastronomic experiences ranging from local fare to foreign specialities.
  • Unique FIFA Legends football matches, as well as engaging physical and digital football gaming stations for fans of all ages.
  • Innovative sponsor events, football displays, and an official FIFA Store selling licensed FIFA World Cup merchandise.

Qetaifan Beach Fest

The best fest is an independent entertainment zone at the iconic beachfront of Qetaifan Island North in the new City of Lusail - home to the stadium that will host Qatar's 2022 World Cup Final.

Through the "International languages" of music and football, the festival invites people from all walks of life together! The event includes a deluxe fan camp near the beachside venue, as well as a range of attractions and entertainment.

Nomad Tip: If you are travelling with family or friends, tickets are cheaper!* *Group purchases will get joint discounts, such as a $10 discount per ticket when purchasing more than 10 ordinary daily admission tickets and a $50 discount per ticket when purchasing more than 10 premium daily admission tickets.

MDL Beast Aravia (From November 21)

Party starts when the game ends! This music festival takes fans through a colourful world of song and dance on 28 Aravian nights during the tournament.

Step onto the dancefloor as MDL Beast's concept combines the rave music culture with Middle Eastern flair. Enjoy bespoke productions, a world-class VIP experience, and top-tier catering flavours!

Tickets start at SAR 199 (52 USD) and will be available via the website here as well as Qatar's Jarir bookstore for locals on September 20. Aside from that, MDLBEAST's flagship festival Soundstorm will return to Riyadh on December 1-3, you can check it at their website.

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Arcadia Music Festival

The Arcadia electronic music festival is taking place in Qatar this November. The Arcadia is Doha's first-ever electronic music event, among many other firsts in Qatar. We were preparing for the World Cup, but we have much** more to look forward to this winter**. You definitely don't want to miss out on all the fun!

The festival will take place from November 19th through December 19th.

Alchemy Project Entertainment is collaborating with the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy to provide three major stages including over 56 international performers and over 40 regional musicians who are sure to wow The Arcadia.

Another first for Qatar? The technology used to put on this festival is more advanced than before - with a fire-breathing 50-tonne Spider, shouting audiences, insane lighting, and a fantastic music system.

The festival will be held near the Ras Bu Fontas metro station and will have a capacity of 25,000 people each day. With lineups, sets, and flames happening every day of the festival, you'll be able to live the complete Arcadia experience whenever you go!

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2. Australia

If you want to spend your late fall holiday in nature while also enjoying art, entertainment, and music, Australia is the place to go. There will be many masterpieces of modern art, music, entertainment, and amazing moments during the rest of November.

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Source: https://www.nme.com/
Source: https://www.nme.com/

Yonder Festival (November 24-26)

Location: Scenic Rim Area

The Spiegeltent and Hill Stage will host a diverse lineup of acts, including Full Flower Moon Band, Safety Club, Life on Earth, and Accomplice Collective. DJs such as Bad Taste House Collective, David Versace, Theyphex Twins, Echo and Bounce, and Jen-E will perform at the dance venue Yonderland, while the ambient stage The Space Between Notes will host two-hour sets by Mekema, Imitation Therapy, HHAARRPP, and others.

Throughout the festival, artists such as Tori-Jay Mordey, Scott Nagy, Krimsone, Aurora Campbell, and Gus Eagleton will paint murals, transforming every location into a canvas.

Nomad Tip: Ticket buyers will be given the exact location of the festival. Though they already offer a considerable amount of food and drink, consumers will be allowed to bring only limited amounts of alcohol for personal consumption; nevertheless, all glass will be confiscated, so it's advised to transfer any wines to plastic before leaving home. It's an 18+ event, and IDs will be checked before admission.

Air’ at GOMA (Starting from November 26)

Location: South Brisbane

Calling all modern art lovers! Air will feature large-scale, immersive works by Australian and international artists investigating the cultural, ecological, and political implications of air. The exhibition, which takes up the entire bottom level of GOMA, focuses on a large piece by Argentine modern artist Tomás Saraceno.

Audience favourites include Ron Mueck's massively sized human sculpture In bed (2005), British-born, New York-based artist Anthony McCall's immersive work Crossing (2016), and Wiradjuri and Kamilaroi artist Jonathan Jones' murmuration of winged sculptures, unnamed (giran) (2018). Air's paintings take viewers on a trip through this fundamental element, which is as important as it is overlooked.

Nomad Tip: You can purchase your tickets here.

Queenscliff Music Festival (November 25-27)

Location: Queenscliff

This year's event, which attracts over 10,000 music fans of all ages each year, will see the small spaces of Queenscliff's famous streetscape transformed by live music, complimenting the golden sounds spilling out across the three main festival stages on the beachfront. Just 90 minutes from Melbourne, QMF is the ideal weekend escape for music fans of all tastes and walks of life, with festival-goers exposed to the best of the Australian live music industry while experiencing the delights of local and Bellarine speciality goods.

QMF is a weekend-long festival that features live music, family-friendly activities, artisan beers and spirits, exquisite wines, locally produced gourmet produce, and more. The beachside location and gorgeous surroundings of the festival draw music fans from all over the country who come to enjoy the laid-back ambience and unique mix of music on offer. The festival crew is also acutely conscious of their environmental impact as an event that attracts thousands of visitors each year, and they are extremely proud of the 95% of garbage they were able to remove from landfill in 2019. For their efforts in 2019, the festival received a Premiers Sustainability Award.

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3. Thailand

In addition to enjoying a tropical paradise, Thailand in November is a great destination for those who want to experience some of the unique experiences during traditional Thai festivals! Make unforgettable moments this month. If you are planning your trip to Thailand soon, don't miss these events!

Source: https://www.asiadmc.com/
Source: https://www.asiadmc.com/

TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) Asia (November 15-18)

Location: Phuket

Thailand is preparing to welcome the world's travel bloggers, content creators, and influencers to TBEX Asia 2022, which will be held from November 15-18, 2022, on the lovely island of Phuket and the neighbouring provinces, with the theme "Diversity of the South: Phuket and Beyond."

TBEX Asia 2022 is a great chance for travel bloggers and influencers from across the world to reconnect in person post-pandemic and experience some of the amazing existing and new travel experiences on offer in Thailand! With the 'Visit Thailand Year 2022-2023: Amazing New Chapters' campaign, the country is once again welcoming visitors with arms wide open.

Thailand is hosting the TBEX for the second time; the first Asian edition of the exhibition was held in Bangkok in 2015, attracting approximately 700 participants from across the world and generating exposure to over 142 million people.

TBEX Asia 2022 follows Thailand's full reopening to international tourists, with visitors no longer required to produce confirmation of vaccination or ATK test results, and being permitted to remain for extended periods of time, effective October 1, 2022.

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Surin Elephant Round-Up (November 18-20)

Location: Surin (”land of elephants”)

Surin Province in Northeastern Thailand offers one of Thailand's most unusual events each November. The Surin Elephant Round-Up, also known as the Surin Elephant Festival, commemorates the Thai people's remarkable heritage and connection with these beautiful animals. There is no doubt, however, that these animals play a vital role in Thai culture and history, and this festival honours that knowledge. Don't miss this truly unique event!

On Saturday, the opening day of the event, a beautiful parade featuring over 200 elephants takes place. Dance, music, and songs are performed by students and teachers as part of the parade.

The elephants are fed at the parade's finale, in Elephant Roundabout on Prasat Way. The elephants arrive at counters loaded with veggies and fruits and consume them all. This is a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction. On Sunday, the second day of the festival, the elephants will gather in Surin Elephant Display Stadium for the main show which will include the recreation of wars from the previous decade performed by "warriors" riding elephants.

Nomad Tip: Due to the strong demand for accommodation and the large number of visitors during the Elephant Round-Up days, it is suggested to check hotel rates and reserve rooms well in advance.

Lopburi Monkey Banquet (November 26)

Location: Lopburi province

The Lopburi Monkey Banquet is one of Thailand's largest festivities, occurring yearly in Lopburi province. Monkeys are revered as sacred animals in Thailand. As a result, this festival is hosted solely for them. If you are planning a trip to Thailand at the end of November, you must experience the Lopburi Monkey Banquet Festival!

More about this festival: You might be surprised to learn that playing with monkeys is the major attraction of the Lopburi Monkey Banquet Festival. The Lopburi Monkey Banquet Festival will begin at 10 a.m. The waiter will first bring the tables to the temple yard. More than 600 monkeys dance on the welcome tables to welcome tourists to this location! Following the festival's start, fruits, pastries, and drinks, including soft drinks, are placed on tables surrounding the temple. The small monkeys banded together to have a good time at the celebration.

Nomad Tip: When the monkeys raise their hands to ask for your food, be quick to catch memorable moments with them!

During the event, visitors can also take part in parades, experience special cultural performances, and learn about the items on sale. Don’t miss this unique chance!