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Singapore Travel eSIM

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eSIM data plans for Singapore


Singapore Telecom

Choose Day(s)

Select the number of days of your trip.

1 Day
3 Days
5 Days
7 Days
10 Days

Choose Plan Type:

How many GB of high-speed data you wish per day. You can continue to use your data at a throttled speed of 512kbps after you've used up your daily allocation. High-speed data will reset every 24 hours from the time you activate the data.

500 MB / Day + Unlimited 512kbps
1 GB / Day + Unlimited 512kbps
2 GB / Day + Unlimited 512kbps
3 GB / Day + Unlimited 512kbps

How much is 1 GB good for? Tap to find out

Singapore eSIM

500 MB / Day + Unlimited 512kbps


$2.5 USD

Hear from Nomad Users



Excellent 4.5/5.0

Nomad Trustpilot Reviews Base on 4849 reviews

Sweat Yoga ltd

2 hours ago

Worked great in China

Worked great in China. VPN a plus!


3 hours ago

Easy to use and set up

Easy to use and set up. Very useful when I was in France.

L. Wu

6 hours ago

It’s a good app.

It’s easy to purchase, install and awesome to use.

joe corbo

10 hours ago

Great app to use for travelers

Went to Macedonia I payed 20£ for 10gb for a month(with 25% discount code) and work great! Is very easy to install E-SIM (make sure your device is compatible with E-SIM) had data from the moment I left the plane to the moment I left. 100% recommend and will use again

Mevr. Esser, Irene

11 hours ago

Een zeer warme douche voor NOMAD!

Dit bedrijf maar vooral de mensen die hier achter zitten weet wat service verlenen is! Van mijn rugzak, die al 30 jaar trouwe dienst doet was een gespje stuk gegaan. Zonder aarzelen stuurde Ilonka mij twee nieuwe, gratis! En zo vriendelijk!

Andrew Jackson

Jan 07, 2024

Look forward to using again

Purchased to use in New Zealand and being unable to buy an esim in a spark shop without id. Very happy as the coverage was much better than another esim provider I purchased and avoided a £6 per day network cost from Vodafone. Look forward to using on future trips.


Jan 7, 2024

Excellent value

Best value for data. No issues with getting the eSIM working.


Jan 4, 2024

Nomad saved my vacation!!!!

I first used re:sim. Totally worthless, only Edge connection. Switched to Nomad, always had 4G.


Jan 02, 2024

Used it to travel in Asia

Used it to travel in Asia, worked out great in South Korea, China and Hong Kong with little issues. It was convenient, as we did not have to hunt for a sim card store, or worry about switching out the cards or losing them.


Dec 31, 2023

Great customer service

I purchased a new eSIM by mistake instead of adding data to the eSIM I already had. The customer service team were super helpful, responded quickly & organised in less than 48 hours. Super happy with the eSIM and support.


Dec 24, 2023

Fast easy and reasonably priced!

Very easy and fast! Can do it in the airport a few minutes before takeoff and have it ready for when you land.

Patrice Cordier

Dec 09, 2023

Responsive customer service

Ultra responsive customer service, I couldn't get a network and by writing an email, in less than 10 minutes I had a response with the solution to my problem 👌👌👌


Dec 2, 2023

Worked all over SE Asia 5

I was hesitant to try Nomad on a three week trip given some negative reviews but it worked seamlessly for using different cell providers in 6 countries or regions : Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Taiwan. At every stop the service worked without a hitch, never needed to reboot or wonder what went wrong.

Arlene Levesque

Nov 11, 2023

Very easy!

What a wonderful way to travel! Easy to use, don’t need to change SIM card!

Iain Farquhar

Nov 04, 2023

Really useful for multi-country trip.

Really useful for multi-country trip. Great to be able to specify a region rather than just a country for the eSIM. Recently travelled to Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. eSIM worked flawlessly and the 20GB package was great value. In addition being able to tether other devices was exceptionally useful and worked well. Based on my own experience I would highly recommend


Oct 19, 2023

Excellent App

Upon arriving in Barcelona, Spain I started my Nomad connection. No hiccups, just plain access to my text, WhatsApp… etc. One little problem created by a conflict between my expired purchase and the new SIM, I contacted the help support and… the team could not be more professional, dedicated, knowledgeable. The communication was excellent and prompt. I recommend NOMAD with the certainty that it will make your life easier.


Oct 16, 2023

Fantastic flexibility and savings

After getting stung in Turkey for £60 roaming fees I decided to liok for alternatives and found Nomad. I have just tried them on my trip to Uzbekistan and they were fantastic, a couple of minutes to set up, no physical SIM to swap and have to look after your original and dirt cheap. Definitely one to keep and use again.


Oct 02, 2023

Easy to use and affordable roaming

Having worked in the telecom world most of my life and understanding what hassle it was to either buy foreign sims or alternatively buy expensive roaming packages I am very pleased to see Nomad. My wife and I used Nomad on our trip to Spain and it worked perfectly. ESim is the future.

Jenathon Tran

Aug 10, 2023

The Esim worked great.

The Esim worked great. Easy installation and connected as soon as we crossed the borders. Great affordable option for short term travel. I would recommend and use again.


Aug 10, 2023


I never review apps but Nomad is such a life, money, time saver. As a frequent traveler it’s hard to find SIM cards in some airports. I use nomad like 3-4 times a month on my trips!


Aug 7, 2023

eSIM app that works!

Awesome app! Prices are usually affordable, depending on where you travel. Setup was seamless and frictionless, kudos!

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Singapore Travel eSIM Details

Get a Nomad travel eSIM for Singapore and stay connected as you explore. Enjoy high-speed data as you travel. This plan is prepaid and taxes are included, so you don't have to worry about unexpected roaming costs.

Great Network Coverage for Singapore

Network for Singapore: Singapore Telecom

Nomad eSIMs often come with more than one local network to connect to. If you experience problems with one, simply switch to another!

For multi-country plans, the eSIM will connect automatically to a local carrier as you move from country to country.

Coverage may not include overseas territories under the jurisdiction of the specified country (or countries). Please contact customer support to confirm before purchasing.

Experience 4G / 5G Speeds

This data plan is expected to have 5G speed. However, network coverage and speed may vary by location and time of day.

Get add-on data to stay connected (some plans only)

If you need more data, or wish to extend your unlimited plan by a certain number of days, simply purchase a new data plan. Purchase your add-on before your current plan expires and the additional data/days will be added to the same eSIM.

Add-on is not available for this plan

How to Install and Activate / Start eSIM

You can buy and install the eSIM now but activate / start only when you need it. Just make sure to activate your plan within 60 days of purchase date. After that, it will automatically activate and start the expiry.

Step /  1

Install your eSIM

Scan the QR code that is provided to install your eSIM. You will need internet connection to install your eSIM. The eSIM is now added to your phone.

Step /  2

Activate / Start your eSIM

Go to Manage Page.

a. If there is an "Activate / Start" button
Tap to activate / start your plan right before you fly. A wifi or data connection is needed for this step.

b. If there is no "Activate / Start" button
Your plan will start automatically once connected to the destination network (as detailed in Step 3)

Step /  3

Connect at destination

Step 1. Go to Settings > Cellular and Turn this line on.

Step 2. Make sure "Data Roaming" is toggled on and you are selecting the Nomad eSIM for "Cellular Data".

Step 3. The eSIM will automatically find and connect to the best local network for you.

Nomad FAQs

1. What is eSIM?

2. How to install eSIM?

3. Is my device compatible?

4. How much data do I need?

5. Can I transfer my eSIM between devices?

6. What if I run out of data?

7. Can I tether using Nomad’s eSIM?

8. Does the eSIM come with a local number?

Near-local price

No contract, no hidden fees, no unexpected roaming charges

Connect Instantly

No more waiting in line, get your eSIM contactlessly within 5 mins

Convenient & Flexible

Keep your primary SIM for call & text, no more swapping SIMs at the airport