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Travel eSIMs will help you better manage your business roaming costs

Affordable, international data roaming on demand.

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The need for international business travelers to seamlessly stay connected no matter where they are is a non-negotiable aspect in today's world. Whether it's for international meetings, client calls, or simply for sending emails while traveling, roaming services play a crucial role. However, traditional roaming solutions can often result in exorbitant costs for businesses, especially when multiple employees are involved. Fortunately, with the advent of eSIM technology and sophisticated management platforms, businesses can now streamline their roaming expenses and save significant costs.


Save and Manage Business Roaming Costs with Travel eSIMs

Roaming charges have long been a headache for businesses with global operations or frequent travelers. Traditional roaming plans offered by mobile network operators typically come with high data fees outside of a home country's network. For businesses that frequently send employees abroad, these costs can quickly escalate, eating into budgets and impacting the bottom line.

Moreover, managing multiple SIM cards, subscriptions, and contracts across various regions adds complexity to administrative tasks and increases the likelihood of errors. Tracking usage, ensuring compliance with corporate policies, and managing expenses become daunting tasks for IT and finance departments.

The use of eSIMs for travel

Embedded SIM (eSIM) technology has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of mobile connectivity. Unlike traditional SIM cards, which are physical chips that must be inserted into devices, eSIMs are integrated directly into compatible devices, allowing for remote activation and provisioning of mobile services.

Since the introduction of eSIM-compatibility in consumer phones and devices, it has become an increasingly popular option for travelers who are looking for ways to stay connected while on their trips.

Travel eSIMs primarily offer travelers with data and connectivity at their travel destinations, at a much cheaper cost than international roaming. eSIMs also offer greater flexibility and convenience, allowing travelers to quickly switch between lines without having to fumble with their physical SIMs.

The case of travel eSIMs for business roaming

Travel eSIMs offer businesses with a cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional business roaming.

Using travel eSIMs for corporate travel will allow businesses to take advantage of the lower data costs than traditional roaming, without having to go through the hassle of picking up a physical SIM card upon arrival at the destination.

eSIMs also allow business travelers to keep their home line active for calls and messages, allowing them to remain contactable on their home lines.

Organisations stand to benefit from cost-savings from business roaming, simply by provisioning your employees with a travel eSIM for their corporate travels.

eSIM Management Platforms to enable easy provisioning of eSIMs and usage monitoring

While eSIM technology offers significant advantages, its full potential for businesses is realized when paired with a robust management platform.

eSIM management platforms provide businesses with centralized control over their mobile connectivity, offering features such as:

  1. Remote Assignment of eSIM profiles: eSIM management platforms enable administrators to remotely assign eSIMs to their employees. The employees will be able to easily install and activate their eSIMs on their device.
  2. Keeping data roaming costs within budgets: The travel eSIMs are pre-paid, and any unused eSIMs can be refunded. By allowing organisations to pre-pay for these eSIMs, they can better ensure that the total data costs do not exceed the budget allocated for roaming on business travel.
  3. Cost Optimization: By tracking usage patterns and analyzing data usage, eSIM management platforms help businesses identify opportunities to optimize costs. Organisations can analyse trends of how much data is typically required for a business trip, offering opportunities to further optimise costs by identifying the plans that is the most cost-effective based on actual needs and usage.
  4. Streamlined Administration: Centralized dashboards provide administrators with visibility of usage, and simplifying tasks such as inventory management and billing reconciliation.

Find out more about Nomad's solution for Management of eSIMs for Business Travel

If you are looking for a solution to better manage your organisation's roaming costs, look no further.

With Nomad's eSIM solution for business and enterprises, you can now streamline your operations and improve your efficiency while lowering your corporate travel costs.

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