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Latest Midrange Phones with eSIM Compatibility: October 2023

eSIM-compatible phones don't have to be expensive!

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With how smartphone prices keep increasing, it's inevitable that some of us are starting to look for midrange alternatives — even if this means that we have to give up some features or opt for lower specifications. The good news though is that eSIM-compatibility doesn't have to be one of those features that we give up, and getting an eSIM-compatible phone does not have to be expensive. With the rise in eSIM adoption, there are now many midrange devices that also come with eSIM-compatibility. Let's take a look at some of the latest midrange devices that are also eSIM-compatible.

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

The FE variations of the Samsung Galaxy S series are a great budget-friendly choice for consumers looking to get a phone from Samsung's flagship series. While the prices are still slightly higher than what we would get from their Galaxy A series, they are much more affordable than the main Galaxy S line, without compromising too much on feature and functionality.

Samsung S23 FE
Source: Nylon.sg

Of course, you shouldn't expect the S23 FE to have a camera as powerful as the S23 Ultra, nor for the processor to be as good — but the FE variation has generally been known to offer rather good performance in general, while at a much lower price point.

Like its counterparts from the main Galaxy S23 line, the Galaxy S23 FE also has eSIM support in addition to its dual-SIM capability. You can activate your dual SIM on the Galaxy S23 FE by using 2 nano-SIMs, or 1 nano-SIM and 1 eSIM.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 FE is launched in October 2023 (with different launch dates across different countries). It is expected to be made available in US from October 26, with retail prices starting from USD 600.

Motorola Edge (2023)

Motorola has recently started to pick up some traction as a potential alternative for consumers looking for Android phones. While they are definitely no where as big as the major Android players, Motorola has launched some fairly attractive devices this year, with sleek designs, decent specs, and at relatively affordable prices.

Motorola Edge (2023) eSIM Compatible Phone
Source: Motorola

The latest Motorola Edge (2023) that has just been announced appears to be a fairly good midrange smartphone. Its specs have downgraded from the Edge+ that was released earlier this year, but is comparable with other midrange devices. The Motorola Edge (2023) also comes with eSIM support, alongside a physical SIM tray.

It is priced at a similar range as the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, with prices starting from USD 600, though there is currently a discount of USD 100 if you were to purchase it from the Motorola online store. The Motorola devices are a great alternative if you want to do without all the bloatware and One UI that comes with Samsung devices, or the fancy AI features on the Pixel phones that you might never use.

Xiaomi 13T

Xiaomi phones have long been a strong candidate for consumers looking for a midrange phone. Even their flagship phones are much more affordable when we compare them with the likes of Samsung and Apple.

Source: Xiaomi

Launched in September 2023, the Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro are the latest addition to their flagship phones. Some of the highlights of these phones are the advanced cameras with Leica lens, great AMOLED display, and its charging efficiencies. The Xiaomi 13T and Xiaomi 13T Pro also comes with dual-SIM support and eSIM capabilities. Like most other Android devices, dual-SIM support requires you to have one physical SIM active, and your second SIM can either be another physical SIM or an eSIM.

The Xiaomi 13T is available from USD 650, and the 13T Pro is slightly more expensive with prices from USD 799.

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Which other devices are eSIM compatible?

There is a large list of modern smartphones today that is eSIM-compatible, and it is not quite possible to list all of them. You can refer to this list of eSIM-compatible devices to find out if your device is eSIM-compatible. Note that this list is non-exhaustive, and it is advised to check with your carrier and/or local stores about eSIM compatibility before you purchase your phone!

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